November 17, 2020

Where’s the money?Creating a Channel to Boost Your Sales

Webinar V in Reaching Your Everest  – A CATA How to X dot Oh program

 Kim Caves & Associates recently delivered Creating a Channel to Boost Your Sales in partnership with CATA.  Kim brings 20 years winning enterprise tech sales from the US and Canada to the world. She’s delivered  complex sales deals in Cyber, AI and IT.  The one hour Reaching Your Everest sessions pack a big punch. Post webinar feedback indicates attendees have landed new clients and closed new deals implementing this pilot program.

The CHANNEL is a partner or distributor that extends your reach, giving you more hands and feet on the ground to sell your technology.  A winning channel partnership starts with your ability to articulate your value AND how that weaves into the channel partner’s ecosystem for customers. 

Technology enterprise sales expert, Kim Caves shared 5 dos and don’ts for a winning channel partnership that will accelerate revenues. A quick  overview in this two minute video: In case you missed it – the recording of Webinar V can be found here: http://

August 7, 2020

Reaching Your Everest – A Sales Journey. This Webinar series is for bold technology leaders redefining or refreshing growth strategies.

A word from the moderator and enterprise sales pro Kim Caves

Register now:

There’s a new buyer’s profile in big companies.

  • Would you like to understand the many roles the buying team members?
  • Interested in avoiding procurement gotchas?
  • Could your business benefit by knowing the new challenges of the C-Suite after COVID (and how your business can meet those needs)?

If you are aiming for bigger and more sustainable deals, you belong in this webinar.

About the event

Climbing Everest is such a wonderful metaphor for our sales journey.

Common reasons people fail to reach Everest include;

surprise weather changes, crowds (competition), readiness and fitness, a solid plan, teamwork development, wrong tools, lack of oxygen and timing.

This isn’t too far off what we might experience in our sales journey to win big deals!

You will leave the webinar with:

  • A toolset to assess each player on the buying team of your dream prospect.
  • An understanding of procurement teams
  • Kim Caves’ buying team matrix
  • An invite to CATA’s sales experts’ SLACK Channel.

Join us on Aug 18 at 1 pm ET

Reaching Your Everest — A Sales Journey


In Camp 2 we mapped out the relationship route. Contact Kim Caves to get your free prototype question kit.

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Reaching Your Everest is part of the CATAAlliance HowTo X.O Series 

Partnering with best selling authors, career sales and dealmaking pros, CATA’s How to X.O (X dot oh!) is rolling as a member series on rethinking strategic relationships, sales, positioning and deals. This member series is open to CATA friends and CATA’s Download North Newsletter subscribers for the pilot only. How to X.O (X dot oh!) is packed with tips, first principles and design thinking, forward looking insights, techniques and tools, and peer and expert engagement.