November 17, 2020

Where’s the money?Creating a Channel to Boost Your Sales

Webinar V in Reaching Your Everest  – A CATA How to X dot Oh program

 Kim Caves & Associates recently delivered Creating a Channel to Boost Your Sales in partnership with CATA.  Kim brings 20 years winning enterprise tech sales from the US and Canada to the world. She’s delivered  complex sales deals in Cyber, AI and IT.  The one hour Reaching Your Everest sessions pack a big punch. Post webinar feedback indicates attendees have landed new clients and closed new deals implementing this pilot program.

The CHANNEL is a partner or distributor that extends your reach, giving you more hands and feet on the ground to sell your technology.  A winning channel partnership starts with your ability to articulate your value AND how that weaves into the channel partner’s ecosystem for customers. 

Technology enterprise sales expert, Kim Caves shared 5 dos and don’ts for a winning channel partnership that will accelerate revenues. A quick  overview in this two minute video: In case you missed it – the recording of Webinar V can be found here: http://

Click Armor’s “Home Alone” Game Boosts Cyber Awareness for Remote Teams. FREE for CATA community and members through November.


Cyber crime is exploding and most attacks target employees with phishing or social engineering. Attackers use emotional triggers and leverage “open source information” about your organization to launch convincing attacks. Can your team recognize and defend against these attacks?

 Click Armor engages employees with interactive, dynamic and visual challenges and real world simulations. CATA members and teams have access to your own leaderboard and gamified “Home Alone” module for tips on working from home securely.  Managers can also measure employee engagement and proficiency.

To get access to your own Click Armor modules, or to learn how your existing awareness training can be “gamified”, please visit: and indicate mention that you are a CATA subscriber or member for the free Home Alone offer or a free trial

August 1, 2020

CATA CEO Suzanne Grant presents at CIGI/ Hon Mary Ng Round Table – 30 July

Exploiting current and imminent trade opportunities in digital technology hosted by Centre for International Governance Innovation and Hon Mary Ng 

CATAAlliance was invited as a lead intervener for: “Digital Trade: COVID-19 recovery and Canadian businesses”. A synopsis delivered by CEO, Suzanne Grant follows. 

Expanding digital and advanced technology trade and exploiting opportunities starts at home – with resilient and agile small companies. The resilience suggestions that follow, are drawn from conversations with hundreds of innovators, and are the tip of the iceberg. 

Proportionate assistance, delivered at market pace and scale can help exploit new opportunities. Existing programs have delivered proportionate support to hundreds of companies but fall short of deploying assistance at scale or pace. Government data, and existing due diligence, can simplify liquidity assistance eligibility needed to bridge toward the future.  The RR Fund – Data Solution can bring people back to work and protect sovereign IP. 

As entrepreneurs pivot and adapt technologies to new applications, they struggle to meet new vertical first customer buyer and investor criteria. The government can lead in procurement of small. Overcoming bias, re-writing guidelines that skew towards big, and incentivizing Canadian & small company made technology purchases can help. 

We also recommend expanding the “Go Digital”, a new program to upgrade businesses to e-commerce.  Why not incentivize private businesses to update their technology, and be more competitive, by purchasing Canadian digital and advanced technologies? 

And then when we looked at export development support, underwriting, and services, and financing through banks. Criteria and access are based on backward looking business models. A recently announced BDC program matches funding with new investment based on Intellectual Property valuation. This model is a solid step toward the future economy.  IP valuation should be more broadly applied to bank financing. 

Going Forward the pace of technology changes, enormity of global challenges and the hyper-competitive nature of markets, including major international investments into home based innovation, will drive the need for more private /public partnerships. Broader consultations with customer and competitor facing innovators are recommended.