January 10, 2021

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Accenture: How AI Boosts Industry Profits and Innovation

Boast AI raises $23 Million to help businesses get their R&D tax credits

Saleschoice in Forbes – Building AI Braintrust for Boards and CEOs

The CATA/Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police E-Crimes/Cyber Council contributed to the 2019 Stats Can Cyber Crimes & Cyber Security report 
Canadian Center for Cyber Security National Threat Assessment 2020

Cybercrime Analytics’ Christopher Kayser publishes CyberCrime Through Social Engineering – The New Global Crisis – 5 Stars on Amazon!

CyberNB launches Cyber Hatch Incubator and Accelerator

BluWave-ai has been selected by the Dubai Future Accelerators (DFA) to onboard its artificial intelligence (AI) products for key use cases with Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA).

MITEL CEO, Mary McDowell, sets her sights on the mid-market

CATA presented at a Women in Technology Round Table hosted by Ontario Ministers Jill Dunlop and Vic Fedelli

Rethink Health after Covid19 – Interface Health Summit Day 2 snapshots including CATA’s final words with Suzanne Grant

Hexoskin supports COVID19 patient monitoring research

IMBA Medical’s Guide to a safer workplace (in COVID19 era)

The Future Economy presents – the Future of Energy 

Level Up Partners Lighthouse Labs in TVO blog on private online learning

November 17, 2020

Where’s the money?Creating a Channel to Boost Your Sales

Webinar V in Reaching Your Everest  – A CATA How to X dot Oh program

 Kim Caves & Associates recently delivered Creating a Channel to Boost Your Sales in partnership with CATA.  Kim brings 20 years winning enterprise tech sales from the US and Canada to the world. She’s delivered  complex sales deals in Cyber, AI and IT.  The one hour Reaching Your Everest sessions pack a big punch. Post webinar feedback indicates attendees have landed new clients and closed new deals implementing this pilot program.

The CHANNEL is a partner or distributor that extends your reach, giving you more hands and feet on the ground to sell your technology.  A winning channel partnership starts with your ability to articulate your value AND how that weaves into the channel partner’s ecosystem for customers. 

Technology enterprise sales expert, Kim Caves shared 5 dos and don’ts for a winning channel partnership that will accelerate revenues. A quick  overview in this two minute video: https://youtu.be/YiRjZWT5tsg. In case you missed it – the recording of Webinar V can be found here: http://https://youtu.be/JKL0WdxzHfU

Boast Capital Ai Featured in Download North

Download North – BOAST – Fall 2020