All brains on deck! Technology crossroad for Team Canada

July 25, 2020

Some highlights of recent tech announcements shared with the Canadian technology community on 24 July 2020. Updated. The Financial Post published an article following Minister Bill Morneau’s 17 July announcement of wage subsidy expansions.  Kevin Carmichael’s piece takes on a tech small business lens and compares Canada’s economic response to Germany’s. His quotes from a CATA […]

Financial Post interview with CATA goes viral on LinkedIn

July 24, 2020

Kevin Carmichael  delivers a brilliant article in the Financial Post on 17 July.  Quotes contributed by  CATA’s CEO, Suzanne Grant hit home on LinkedIN. The piece was not only picked up in publications across the country, and internationally, but was featured by LinkedIN Editors for another round of visibility. Canada’s COVID-19 response still ignores the […]

IMBA Medical : Stories of Survival from Canada’s Tech Innovators

July 20, 2020

Since the Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance (CATA) was created in 1978 we have represented the interests of Small to Medium science and technology-centric enterprises. Today these Canada headquartered businesses are in the tens of thousands and have grown to be the heart of the Canadian economy. We are over 120 days into COVID19 and still, […]

Questions submitted to Hon Mona Fortier 8 May 2020

July 18, 2020

  CATA members held a teleconference with Hon Mona Fortier in May 2020 and there have been two follow on meetings. At the request of finance staffers CATA  submitted three questions and CATA has requested a written reply.  Could you and your colleagues please take a close look at this digital-first, data driven and accountable […]

Letter to Prime Minister Trudeau – follow up 3/3 16 June 2020

Dear Prime Minister Trudeau,  I write as a member of team Canada, a mother, a military vet with decades of entrepreneurial experience, and the leader of the Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance (CATAAlliance).  We are gravely concerned for our Canadian way of life that is dependent upon strong national revenues. The opportunity to re-imagine the Canadian […]

Kim Caves blew us away with pro moves during webinar one. She’s back 21 July with Your Everest Sales Journey – Setting the Route for Your Climb

July 15, 2020

    NEXT in the CATAAlliance HowTo X.O Series   Partnering with best selling authors, career sales and dealmaking pros, CATA’s How to X.O (X dot oh!) is rolling as a member series on rethinking strategic relationships, sales, positioning and deals. This member series is open to CATA friends and CATA’s Download North Newsletter subscribers for the pilot only.  How […]

CATA CEO Letter to Prime Minister Trudeau 5 June 2020 (2 of 3)

5 Jun 2020 Dear Prime Minister, Our future, Canadian way of life, our social, health care, education, immigration and arts and culture programs need healthy Canadian revenues to fund. Getting Canada back to work when it’s safe, securing a future for younger generations depends upon smart decisions made TODAY.  Drawing on strengths and focusing on […]

The Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance calls on feds to protect Canadian $36B annual innovation investment and endowment

July 14, 2020

The Canadian Innovation Promise Canadian innovation investment of $36B year over year via universities, commercialization programs and direct investment was a major shift toward a knowledge economy. The strategy has been delivering competitive talent, jobs, immigration drivers, and economic returns to Canadians. This investment can not be converted to national returns without our small and […]