The CATA Download on podium finishes and misses, new partners, data & tech $$$

February 24, 2020

  CATAAlliance March 2020 #NewInvestmentData   #WomenCreatedDigital   #ExecutiveTalent #Data   #WEF   #CyberTaxonomy   #BoardDecisionMaking   #PodiumCulture #HaveYourSay   #STEMWomenTOO #SREDTellUsWhatYouThink Ask Us About 50:40:30 Save the Celebrate Date 5.4.30 5 April 2030 Canada’s Not So Great 22nd Business Sophistication Global Ranking from our CEO, Suzanne Grant Having one of the world’s leading education systems coupled with motivated and smart investor […]

CATA SR&ED Tax Credits Update – 2020 Tax Survey

February 14, 2020

Russ Roberts, PhD, Sr VP, Tax, Finance & Advocacy, CATAAlliance CATA is a trusted industry alliance with a mandate to help Canadian innovation thrive. We focus on commercial capabilities and access for homegrown technology businesses. The alliance brings together industry and thought leaders with academe and policy makers to advocate for Canadian competitiveness and amplify […]

Canada’s National Economic Strategy Requires Input from All Voices

February 13, 2020

Takeaways Canada is underperforming on innovation and competitiveness due to our lack of ability to commercialize our R&D and products. Canada needs a national economic strategy that places innovation at its centre and must include government as well as leaders from all sectors. Our approach to talent has to be more open-minded in terms of […]

Celebrating International Day of Women and Girls in Science and International Women’s Day

February 11, 2020

We are happy we have two days dedicated to celebrating Women and Girls in Science and all Women. Inclusive leadership, fully tapping into the inspiration, creative energy, intelligence and drive for purposeful excellence, and creating a culture of belonging (essential to elevating teams to their very best), means intention and awareness EVERY day. CATA joins […]

Building From the Ground Up with Suzanne Grant

January 31, 2020

As an entrepreneur, it can be hard to stay true to yourself. But building that foundation starts from the ground up – just ask Suzanne Grant, CEO of the Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance. Suzanne is a Canadian veteran and entrepreneur with military communications, engineering and intelligence background. As the current CEO of CATA, Canada’s Technology […]

Fellow storm survivors – cozy up with a mid winter CATA DownloadNorth

January 22, 2020

  CATAAlliance February 2020 On behalf of the CATAAlliance community, we extend our deepest condolences to those who lost family, friends and loved ones on flight 752. Among the 176 souls on board, 79 were affiliated with Canadian scientific and academic institutions. Together we mourn this immense loss of talent and potential; innovators, entrepreneurs and […]

Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity Report Released – How does your company compare?

January 17, 2020

Cybersecurity experts and government officials anticipated that retaliation from #Iran in lieu of the US altercations would take the form of #cyber attacks on the west, and an uptick of incidents was swift. In 2018, a massive data cyber-theft campaign, backed by the Iranian government, breached 320 universities globally, 42 of which were Canadian. The […]

SR&ED Update, February 2020

Thirty plus years of evidence based advocacy, seeking effective support for the growth of Canada’s high-tech industries. By Russ Roberts, PhD, Sr VP, Tax, Finance & Advocacy, CATAAlliance In my last conversation with the late John Reid last June, he was excited.  He saw that others were picking up CATA’s messages and amplifying on them as […]

31 March 2020

Data Day 7.0: AI Next Steps and Everything Smart

Data Day 7.0 will celebrate the latest developments in data science and analytics research within the Carleton community and in Canada