EPIC 2019 Investigation Award

epic investigation award nomination & rating criteria

Please note the following before making your submission. All the following criteria must be met before a submission will be selected as the EPIC investigation award winner.

  1. There must be a Canadian law enforcement officer/ agency as either the lead or primary partner in the investigation.
  2. The recipient(s) must agree to have at least one partner representative from each organization nominated attend to receive the award during the award presentation ceremony taking place during the Gala Cocktail Reception on the evening of November 5.
  3. The recipient(s) must offer a 45-60 minute high-level case study review of their investigation in a plenary session on November 6th. The presentation need only offer whatever details can be shared of the process and techniques used and does not threaten or risk compromise to matters of confidentiality, integrity, or future prosecutorial efforts.
  4. Recipient(s) are invited to participate in the Innovation Den series.
  5. Failure or an inability to agree to all the above conditions could see said nomination deemed non-compliant and not be considered nor assessed.

Note: Registration costs will be covered for up to three recipients per award. Travel and accommodation fees to and from #EPIC2019 are the responsibility of the winners.

Rating Criteria

There are five key areas being rated – each criterion is clearly defined in the nomination form and each must receive a valid response:

  1. Impact to Victim(s)
  2. Partnerships
  3. Complexity of the Investigation
  4. Innovation
  5. Successful Outcome

Submissions may include separate attachments offering evidence to support the nomination, including victim impact statements, media links, commendations, etc.

The Chief of the lead organization may be contacted with respect to the submission.

NOTE: Nominations for 2019 are closed.

EPIC 2019
Excellence in Prevention and Investigation of Cybercrime

November 5 - 6, 2019

Calgary AB