EPIC Agenda

Nov. 5-6, 2019 | Calgary AB


Cyber Defence, Digital Identity and Managed Security

Cyberattacks are evolving from the perspective of what they target, how they impact organizations and the changing methods of attack. Learn about the growing cost of cybercrime from experts who have analyzed trends in malicious activities. By better understanding where to place cybersecurity efforts and resources, you can minimize the consequences—and even prevent—future attacks.


Cybersecurity Research and Best Practice Adoption

Learn about and learn from the CATAAlliance study entitled, “ Cybersecurity in a Digitized Environment ”. The study covered essential infrastructures, a survey of small and medium enterprises and of public utilities, one-on-one interviews with thought leaders, and a mid-project round-table.

Panelists will join the session to identify and discuss best cybersecurity practices and the facilitation of their adoption to all business sectors, ranging from SMEs to large scale organizations.


  • Mel Crocker, CISO, Air Canada,
  • Fred Bedrich, BDC’s CISO, BDC.
  • Steve Biswanger, CISO ATCO’s CISO & Director, Cybersecurity division, CIO Association
  • Reda Bensouda, Director, In-Sec-M
Cyber Front Lines – Innovative Tools and Processes

This session starts with an overview of the work being conducted locally and the types of tools, resources and skills required to undertake them.

Executives then demonstrate some of the innovative and developing technologies that are addressing the challenges of public safety, cybersecurity and e-crime prevention and resolution.

Audience participants who share their approaches will be asked post EPIC to be part of a CATA TECHNOW video channel where their capabilities will be profiled across Canada and to the world.


Competitive Innovation Nation Advocacy

As a not for profit organization, CATAAlliance is an active participant in the formation and delivery of government policies, regulations and activities that are critical to helping help advance Canada’s ranking as a Competitive Innovation Nation.

We advance Core Policy Planks linked to advocacy Campaigns and recommendations (read all about it) based on the guidance of community members.

Have an issue, concern or topic you would like to add? Then it is at this session where you can help set the cybersecurity, public safety and e-crime advocacy agenda for Alberta and for Canada.

Areas of interest might include access to and training of talent, global standards, interagency collaboration and tax incentives.


EPIC 2019
Excellence in Prevention and Investigation of Cybercrime

November 5 – 6, 2019

Calgary AB