November 5 – 6 2019   Calgary – Alberta

EPIC 2019

November 5 – 6 2019
Calgary – Alberta

Anticipating and Getting Ahead of Cyber Threats and Cybercrime

While the speed and complexity of growing technological cyber threats drive the need for greater private – public collaboration, EPIC provides a timely, trusted environment to explore partnerships between innovators, technology providers, CIOs, CISOs, law enforcement and intelligence experts, academe, and policy makers.

Converging capabilities of 5G, IOT, Smart Cities, BioMetrics, Autonomous Vehicles and Crypto Currency provide a perfect storm for cyber and e-crime criminals. The #EPIC2019 program and expert speakers from thought leaders to cyber forensics investigators, offer insights to prepare for what’s ahead, while exploring technology, tools, tips and methods to address today’s complex cybercrime challenges.

The Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police (CACP) and the Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance (CATAAlliance) joint advisory body, the eCrime Cyber Council, organize the Excellence in the Prevention and Investigation of Cybercrime Summit and Awards.

The number of Cybercrime and Cyber Security incidents nationally and internationally continues to rise, with the personal and financial costs to all victims being unparalleled.  Given the global and interconnected nature of these types of incidents it is more important than ever for experts from a variety of communities: law enforcement, judicial process, business, financial and academia, to continue to gather and collaborate.

These partnerships allow us to share knowledge, strategies, intelligence, and to identify trends.  The real value is EPIC Summit attendees returning to their agencies and organizations and paying that knowledge forward, and creating effective Cyber Awareness, Cyber Prevention and Cyber Response Plans.  This direct impact on those communities and the victims of these Cyber incidents is invaluable.

This year’s summit has an excellent collection of speakers, and training sessions that cover a wide variety of Cyber Topics.  It would be a benefit for all that attend and participate.

Det. /Cst., Shannon Parker

Technological Crimes Unit, Saskatoon Police Service, Co-chair E-Crime Cyber Council

The capability of foreign actors and organized crime to infiltrate national systems, corporations, and government infrastructure is only increasing with machine learning and artificial intelligence. We’re coming into a critical time, particularly surrounding the field of biometrics and the potential for data to become insecure. It’s going to take a lot more innovation and a lot more collaboration to build secure infrastructure technology that works.

Collaboration is the key to moving forward successfully and being prepared for what the next few years of combating cybercrime will look like. The message is that collaboration needs to not only be cross-industry, between law enforcement and private sector, but also cross-generational, bringing a digitally native generation of innovators together with policy makers and the judiciary. With everything moving quickly toward an entirely digital future where data is the greatest commodity on the planet, law enforcement should be a part of the conversation in deciding how to prepare.

Julie Clegg

Founder and CEO, Human-I Intelligence Services Inc.

Keeping pace with the evolution of Cybercrime is critical to policing in the digital space. Events such as Epic allow academia, the business sector, and law enforcement to collaborate, share, and drive innovation which results in new methodologies we can use to protect businesses and our communities in the online space.

S/Sgt. Cory Dayley

CPS Field Training Unit leader, Calgary Police Service

Our infrastructure, generally speaking, is very poorly protected,. We really need to turn our attention to prevention.  Collaborating with innovators and rethinking infrastructure is a more efficient way to fight crime.

Paul Vallée

Founder and CEO, Tehama

EPIC 2019
Excellence in Prevention and Investigation of Cybercrime

November 5 - 6, 2019

Calgary AB