Expressions of Interest & Nominations for Council Leaders Open Until 25 April

CATA is seeking experienced leaders committed to elevating and increasing Canada's success in technology locally and internationally, from a commercial perspective and through solving the world’s greatest challenges.


The Innovation Leadership Council advocates and amplifies a leadership voice anticipating and advising on the challenges facing adoption, implementation and sustainability of emerging technologies at public, systemic and commercial levels including policy, regulatory, legal and public engagement perspectives.

Strategic level expertise includes issues and technologies such as 5G, broadband interoperability, wireless, public safety & security, cyber, IOT, sensors, cloud, machine learning, smart cities, connected devices, robotics, automation, data centers, digital, data, privacy, space and satellites, medical technology, digital health, green technology, edutech and agritech.


The President’s Council comprises current and previous serving commercial presidents and board members. This leadership body contributes to technology business and culture sophistication and advocates for an environment where it can thrive.

The Council advises on inspired solutions for future work, talent and skills. It supports technical solutions to fairness and equality in product development, adoption, procurement and supply chain for innovations that improve the world. The members are experienced company leaders with collective expertise in IPOs, strategic alliances, JV, M&A, transformation and culture, new markets, international business structure, building boards, technology as a strategic competitive differentiator, finance, talent, sales and marketing.

Other experience includes deal making, negotiations, skills competency, micro learning, development, recruitment, leadership, supply chain, manufacturing, product development and procurement.


The CATA/CACP Ecrimes & Cyber Council (ECC) is an official joint advisory body comprising members from the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police (CACP) and CATAAlliance. The Council advises the CACP eCrimes committee and the CATA Public Safety Technology Council and supports the advancement of a national cybercrime strategy for Canada. The ECC consists of law enforcement experts, innovative private sector leaders, academic and government observers from federal, provincial, and local levels. They support policies and approaches and provide technology and educational awareness to private and public sector stakeholders thus reducing the harmful effects of cybercrime in Canada.

Council Opportunities

CATA is seeking experienced leaders committed to elevating and increasing Canada’s success in technology locally and internationally, commercially and through solving the world’s greatest challenges.

Appointed members provide thought leadership /expertise, advocate and speak on behalf of CATA. They are responsible for recruiting council members, partners and funders from within Canada and abroad. They also advise on advocacy, working group and fundraising strategies as well as participate in task forces. Council members meet once a year but conduct phone conversations quarterly.

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Expressions of Interest & Nominations for Council Leaders Open


CATA is a trusted national industry alliance with a mandate to help Canadian innovation thrive. We grow commercial capabilities and access for homegrown technology businesses. The alliance brings together industry and thought leaders with academic and policy experts to advocate for Canadian competitiveness and promote a bold, confident podium culture.


Founder and CEO SalesChoice, Inc. – Sara Kirke Award Alumni Advisor


SPS Technological Crime Unit, Cyber Crime, Digital Forensics-CFCE, Saskatoon Police Force


Founder and CEO, Hockeystick -Partner & Canadian Commercial Data Advisor


President & CMO IT World -Sara Kirke Award Allumni Advisor


CEO Future Economy – Media Partner & Leadership Advisor


Founder Kim Caves & Associates