Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance  (CATAAlliance)


Leadership Councils

CATA is home to the BureauX.0, part of the National Technology Council,  and the E-Crimes Cyber Council (ECC). The ECC is a joint body formed between the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police (CACP)  and CATA’s Cyber Advisory Board. 


We Are

C-Suite leaders accelerating the adoption and export of emerging technologies and intellectual property.

We support a sustainable and future-ready,  fair, inclusive and competitive environment for the business of technology.


Our mandate

To connect market demand with science and technology driven companies, research institutions, talent, & non-profits. The Alliance enhances private and public policy collaboration and amplifies the Canadian Technology brand.

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Welcome and thank you for your interest in CATAAlliance. Here is a simple process to help strengthen Canada’s innovation ecosystem, amplify the voices of the technology ecosystem through advocacy, support technology adopters and peers,  belong and contribute to CATA’s communities.


Determine membership type

  • Technology Corporate Membership
    For science/technology centric companies with emerging /advanced tech/products/expertise serving SMART/Industry 4.0, Health/Med technologies and Clean Energy industries.  Your C-Suite gains access to other emerging and established technology leaders, researchers, policy makers, customers and ICONs in Canada and abroad. 
  • Adopter Membership
    Companies upgrading and growing technology capacity, knowhow and expanding supply chain and advisors. CATA focuses on SMART/Industry 4.0, Health/Med technologies and Clean Energy. 
  • ASSOCIATE Membership (Commercial Services)
    Solely for businesses engaged in supporting the technology industries.
    (financing, consulting, accounting, marketing, distribution, and legal, etc.)
  • Individual  – Student/New Grad,  retired or between gigs 

Company membership fees are discounted for Canadian HQ technology businesses and vary according to size and engagement/leadership levels.


Consider how additional benefits of leadership, access, sponsorship and marketing fit with your personal and company goals. Levels of membership include regular, Business Round Table, or The BureauX.0 /Technology Leadership Council.


Fill in this brief form with company type, motivators, expectations and  contributions preferences: then send a calendar meeting request to


Your application for membership will be considered by the CATA Innovation Leadership Council and within forty eight hours you can start benefiting from your CATAAlliance membership.

The CATA website is being upgraded and the membership process will be automated this year.

Origin Story

In 1978 Canada’s small technology business leaders needed a stronger voice and influence, so they formed the Alliance.

Canada’s early technology entrepreneurs faced many challenges accessing public procurement alongside big multi-national tech businesses. They rallied an Alliance to strengthen their voice. CATAAlliance began building a rich and influential legacy.

The leaders formed and co-chaired a national technology board with Prime Minister Mulroney,  introduced and guided tax reform and innovation policy over the years, including government procurement programs. 

Several organizations have graduated from CATA’s ranks, including iCANADA for smart cities, CANARIE for early cloud access and Canadian Women in Technology, which merged to become Women in Communications and Technology.


Today, rooted in the spirit of collaboration, CATA is attracting our nation’s most brilliant industry minds, entrepreneurial leaders, academe and policy makers.