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The Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance (CATAAlliance), Canada’s One Voice for Innovation Advocacy Group, crowdsources ideas and guidance from thousands of opt in members in moderated social networks in Canada and key global markets. Supported by evidence-based research, CATAAlliance then mobilizes the community behind public policy recommendations designed to boost Canada’s innovation and competitiveness success.

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Contact: CATAAlliance CEO, John Reid at email jreid@cata.ca, tel: 613-699-8209, website: www.cata.ca, tags: Innovation, Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Advocacy

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How to Join CATAAlliance

Welcome and thank you for your interest in CATAAlliance. Here is a simple four step process to be first in line to receive benefits and opportunities offered through our expanding business networks.


Take a few minutes to review the CATA Advocacy Mandate and Business Resources for a full understanding of the scope, reach and value of our activities. We have set up multiple ways that you can support us financially from crowdfunding options to membership and sponsorship.


Determine from the Membership categories below, where your organization fits.

  • CORPORATE Membership
    For corporations with Canadian offices, typically engaged in research and development activities or selling technology solutions to the Canadian private and/or public sector market.
  • INTERNATIONAL Membership
    For corporations outside of Canada, engaged in a strategic partnership or business collaboration with CATA designed to advance mutual interests.
    (E.g. technology searches, trade and investment promotion, service offering etc.)
  • ASSOCIATE Membership (User Industries)
    For corporations committed to the adoption and use of advanced technology to achieve operational excellence. (E.g. automotive, natural resources, retail etc.)
  • ASSOCIATE Membership (Service Companies)
    Solely for corporations engaged in supporting the technology industries.
    (e.g. financing, consulting, accounting, and legal, etc.)


Call our Membership Co-Coordinator Cathi Malette to discuss financial support options at 613-236-6550, or send her an email with New Membership in the Header and with contact details to cmalette@cata.ca.We will then have one of CATA’s Executives call you to discuss your interests, any special requirements you may have and fee levels.


Your application for membership will be sent to the CATA Innovation Leadership Council for approval and within forty eight hours you can start benefiting from your CATAAlliance membership.