Homegrown Collaboration and Humble Beginnings

The Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance (CATA) was conceived 50 years ago when Canada’s few and emerging technology companies banded together to have a greater voice and influence. Rooted in the spirit of collaboration, CATA continues to draw brilliant industry minds, leaders, academe and policy makers to solve the challenges ahead.

Today CATAAlliance advocates on behalf of Canadian HQ science and tech centric companies.

Our mission for a sustainable and future proof,  fair, inclusive and competitive environment for innovation to thrive remains unchanged.


CATA is home to the National Innovation Leadership Council and the CACP/CATA E-Crimes Cyber Council (ECC). The ECC is a joint body formed between the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police (CACP) –  and CATA’s Cyber Advisory Board. 

Coming in 2021 –  Reimagining the Canadian Dream via Crowd Sourcing

There’s never been a better time to support a community and cause.

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The Business and Culture of Innovation

CATA is a trusted alliance for Canada’s homegrown technology sector, supporting commercial competitiveness, economic growth and resilience. In preparation for the opportunities and challenges of the next decade, CATA is focusing on advocacy and building robust commercial capabilities, future talent and skills, and sustainable and equitable best practices within technology operations and commerce. CATA is “all the things”—business & culture of innovation, especially inspiring boldness and podium culture confidence. CATA’s longstanding mandate to elevate a thriving innovation sector is evergreen.


Canadian Innovation Competitiveness Snapshot

A leading education system and motivated, smart investor backed entrepreneurs have demonstrated that Canada is a capable inventor and startup nation. Despite this foundation, and stellar performances from our few unicorns, the overall return of innovation investment is not performing—not yet. Canada ranks 17th in the world in the 2019 Global Innovation Index. Although Canada ranks 9th in “innovation inputs” or costly investments, outputs are far behind at 22nd.

You see the potential here to move the ranking and push Canada’s economic engine right? New ideas, technology, and processes reach innovation potential when leveraged with sophisticated commercial practises. Innovation is a continuum—the process of realizing the fullest market potential of an idea, whether it be a service, process or a product.


CATA’s Call to Action

CATA is espousing a cultural shift to move beyond building good companies with world class technology; struggling to transform to large companies, or getting sold abroad. Evolving from inventor to growth innovator building HQ Canada large companies (500 employees +) requires a shift to commercial sophistication including resource commitment, building masterful expertise and world class capabilities.

A Little Less Conversation, a Lot More Bold

Brand Canada is a solid foundation for Brand Canadian Innovation; valuing intellectual property ROI, investing big & believing in Canadians, embracing risk, fully appreciating entrepreneurs and commercial success, creatively embracing talent, the future, adopting and buying new tech, inclusive leadership and robust podium culture fuelled by commercial savvy.

Bring the swagger Canada. You’ve earned it!

CATA is revising its Innovation Leadership Council and forming Expert Panels. Appointments to the CACP/CATA E-Crimes and Cyber Counsel are also filled on a needs basis. If you want to be considered, tell us how you’re a good fit and email

There’s never been a better time to support a community and cause. Apply for membership today

Welcome and thank you for your interest in CATAAlliance. Here is a simple process to help strengthen Canada’s innovation ecosystem, amplify the voices of the technology ecosystem through advocacy, support technology adopters and peers,  belong and contribute to CATA’s communities.


Determine membership type by company category and size or individual;

  • INNOVATOR Membership
    For companies with primary headquarters in Canada.  The main product, process or service lines derive from science and technology. Teams are typically engaged in research and development activities and market to Canadian and or international private and/or public clients.
  • INTERNATIONAL Membership
    For corporations with headquarters outside of Canada engaged in strategic partnerships or business collaboration with CATA members.
    (E.g. technology searches, trade and investment promotion, service offering etc.)
  • ASSOCIATE Membership (Technology Buyers)
    For corporations and organizations committed to the adoption of advanced technologies to achieve competitive and operational excellence. (automotive, manufacturing, finance, health, natural resources, retail, construction & infrastructure etc.)
  • ASSOCIATE Membership (Commercial Services)
    Solely for corporations engaged in supporting the technology industries.
    (financing, consulting, accounting, marketing, distribution, and legal, etc.)
  • Individual  – Student/New Grad,  retired or between gigs 

Company /Team Size: 1-9, 10-19, 20-49, >50

Company memberships start from $799 and vary according to size and type.


Consider how additional benefits of leadership, access, sponsorship and marketing fit with your personal and company goals.


Fill in this brief form with company type, motivators, expectations and  contributions preferences: https://forms.gle/oJmdRBU7Gix6JwdS8 then send a calendar meeting request to suzanne.grant@cata.ca.


Your application for membership will be considered by the CATA Innovation Leadership Council and within forty eight hours you can start benefiting from your CATAAlliance membership.

The CATA website is being upgraded and the membership process will be automated this year.