Deputy Commissioner, C Scott Tod on Ontario’s Provincial Police Cybercrime Strategy: Interested in Public Safety & Security then reach out to CATAAlliance
December 22, 2015


Members can now benefit from an in-depth discussion with Deputy Commissioner, C Scott Tod on Ontario’s Provincial Police Cybercrime Strategy.

Please request your viewing password from CATA CEO, John Reid at

Members can also obtain a comprehensive and timely 32-page white paper based on inaugural the National Policing Cybercrime Summit and follow up expert interviews. The Cybercrime Priorities and Needs Report identifies recurring security themes  and outlines seven key priority areas for advancing Canadian law enforcement’s capacity to combat cybercrime.

In this 50-minute podcast, viewers will hear from Deputy Commissioner Scott Tod, Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) as he describes the primary cybercrime challenges facing not only the OPP but any Canadian police service. DC Tod also provides an overview of the OPP's cybercrime strategy, its three strategic pillars and supporting activities.

Viewers will hear DC Tod address the seven key cybercrime priorities identified at the National Policing Cybercrime Summit and speak to topics ranging from the reality between the "haves vs. have-nots" among law enforcement agencies, the need for real collaboration among agencies, with industry, and a stressed-upon importance of positive engagement with the media, and the future arrival of the "Silicon Cop".

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