Tech-savvy business lawyer joins the Innovation Leadership Council (ILC): Paul C. LaBarge, Partner & Founder, LaBarge Weinstein LLP
December 22, 2015

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Ottawa, On... CATAAlliance (, a recognized champion of Canadian innovation and entrepreneurship, today announced that Paul C. LaBarge, Partner & Founder, LaBarge Weinstein LLP has joined the CATA Innovation Leadership Council (ILC).

The ILC serves as an advisory body, providing guidance on the implementation of the CATAAlliance mandate to support the global competitiveness of its members and the advancement of Canada as a competitive Innovation Nation, in addition to offering a community peer network to assess share insights into needs, trends and achievements.

CATA CEO John Reid said “Mr. Labarge brings a wealth of experience and insights from dealing face-to-face with entrepreneurial clients and large companies. He is also known for community citizenship, having recently been presented with a Diamond Jubilee Medal in recognition of his volunteer services. Paul’s passion for entrepreneurship and community engagement fully aligns with CATA’s CATA’s mission, mandate and core policy planks.”

View full details: CATAAlliance: Mission, Mandate & Successes: Canada's One voice for Innovation Lobby Group.

According to Mr. Labarge “ LWLaw is fully behind the CATA goal of cultivating Canada’s considerable strengths and eliminating every barrier to inhibiting their full contribution to competitiveness.”

He added, “ But we need to benchmark Canada’s innovation performance and then benchmark it against other leading countries. From there we work to improve our rankings using best practices.” Reid concluded, “In today's world, effective innovation does not happen through accident - it is achieved by careful design and stellar execution of a plan. Mr. Labarge is a great advisor on best ways forward for Canadian innovation leadership.”

Paul C. LaBarge Partner & Founder, LaBarge Weinstein LLP

Called to the Bar (ON – 1976; AB – 1981)

Osgoode Hall Law School

A founding partner of LaBarge Weinstein, Paul has been practising law for over 35 years. Paul primarily focuses his practice on taxation, tax planning and tax litigation. As such, Paul assists clients with the tax implications of their business transactions including investments, mergers, acquisitions, initial public offerings, and succession planning. His legal career has also included NAFTA disputes, cross-border financings, anti-dumping trade enquiries, and mergers and acquisitions.

As part of his day-to-day practice, Paul helps clients during the audit, reassessment, objection and appeals stage of the tax litigation process and represents clients in the Tax Court of Canada and the Federal Court of Appeal.

Building on his expertise as a negotiator, litigator, and NAFTA Panel Member, Paul has completed his LLM in Alternate Dispute Resolution including the creation of a complete guide for Dispute Management and Resolution for the Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance. The combination of dispute resolution skills and extensive commercial and taxation negotiation skills has given Paul a unique basket of tools to craft creative solutions, be it for negotiations or disputes.

Along with his practice, Paul’s participates in a variety of other business activities within the local high-tech community. He is the chairman at Versaterm Inc. (1999 to present); co-chair at Neptec Technologies (2011 to present); and was a former member on the Board of Directors of Corel (1993-1998).

Paul currently serves on a number of not-for-profit and charitable boards including the Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance where he is co-chair (current); the Trans Canada Trail Foundation where he is chairman(1995 to present); and the University of Ottawa Heart Institute Foundation where he is chairman (2009 to present).

Additionally, Paul has written works including Tax Litigation, Managing the Process; Taxation of Technology Transfers; and The Copperjar System: Your Blueprint for Financial Fitness and has been a lecturer at The Law Society of Upper Canada for over 10 years.

Overview: LaBarge Weinstein LLP is a business law firm that has been successfully operating for over 15 years. With an emphasis on knowledge-based and technology companies, our primary practice areas include: Corporate, Commercial, and Securities; Intellectual Property and Licensing; Real Estate and Debt Financing; and Taxation, Tax Planning and Tax Litigation. Headquartered in Ottawa, we also have offices in Toronto, Vancouver, and Waterloo.

LaBarge Weinstein is made up of a dynamic team of over 35 professionals who have the experience necessary to deal with the legal and business issues that face our clients every day. This group is successfully led by our nine partners, who have over 150 combined years in practice.

At LaBarge Weinstein, we have a different philosophy than most law firms. We pride ourselves on being a client-centric firm by providing prompt, creative, and effective advice and solutions. We also prefer to think of our clients as business partners, and our goal is to ensure that each and every client receives the most practical and economical legal advice possible.

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