A Window Into the Future of Policing - DC Peter Sloly: Public Safety Leadership podcast
December 19, 2015


Members can now benefit from an in-depth discussion with Deputy Chief Peter Sloly, Toronto Police Services on technology and skills that will needed for future of policing.

Please request your viewing password from CATA CEO, John Reid at jreid@cata.ca

Members can also obtain a comprehensive and timely 32-page white paper based on inaugural the National Policing Cybercrime Summit and follow up expert interviews. The Cybercrime Priorities and Needs Report identifies recurring security themes  and outlines seven key priority areas for advancing Canadian law enforcement’s capacity to combat cybercrime.

In this 50-minute podcast, viewers are presented with a rich, multimedia experience as Deputy Chief Peter Sloly, Toronto Police Services, offers a dynamic presentation using high-impact images and messaging relating to the current and near-future impact of the social, cyber, and digital influences on policing.

Viewers will hear about a wide range of topics, including the disruptive impact that technology and social media has had on policing, the growing perception of the "Us vs Them" attitudes that are eroding the public's trust and confidence in police, the newest hacking threats that could result in loss of life i.e. medical devices, automobiles, airplanes and a potential inability to recognize it as a crime and investigate it as such, privacy versus public safety concerns, and examples of the types of future technology and skills that will needed in the future of policing.

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