An Update from the desk of Kevin d'Entremont on the Shared Services Canada Forum
December 19, 2011

Dear SSC Forum members

In a week’s time we have created a resource (150 members) to assist us in engaging with Shared Services Canada. You will note that you are also linked into the core CATAAlliance social media resource and will benefit from quick access to documents and opportunity information on a wide range of business items  (3600 members).

Our Conference Call Briefing and Q&A with the Shared Services Team is now being used across Canada, from the Yukon to Newfoundland. We have had many requests for these Briefing materials, found at:

Going forward, I have spoken to CATA CEO John Reid, who is now organizing a small Group meeting with SSC where a select Group will assist in helping address some of their key questions. Obviously we will not be able to include 150 executives in this meeting but we will report back to all, including providing any documents.

I understand that John has now engaged CATA VP of Research, Kevin Wennekes to assist our Group, as well as the Wesley Clover Team (Sir Terence Matthews) who provides support for CATA’s Innovation Nation program. We are also setting up a political briefing with a Government Relations agency who can share some insights into government transformation plans.

In order that everyone can benefit, we will look to setting up other cross Canada Conference Calls, as an efficient way to providing briefings and engaging the community from coast to coast.

With best wishes for the holidays,

Kevin d’Entremont, Chair, SSC Forum, Director, CATAAlliance