Public Safety Issues, Priorities and Opportunities for Supplying Solutions: Engage with CATAAlliance today
December 18, 2015


Members can now benefit from an in-depth discussion with Police and Public Policy Experts on public safety issues, priorities and opportunities for supplying solutions.

Please request your viewing password from CATA CEO, John Reid at

Members can also obtain a comprehensive and timely 32-page white paper based on inaugural the National Policing Cybercrime Summit and follow up expert interviews. The Cybercrime Priorities and Needs Report identifies recurring security themes  and outlines seven key priority areas for advancing Canadian law enforcement’s capacity to combat cybercrime.

This 1-hour podcast features Norm Taylor, Co-Founder and Program Manager of the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police Executive Global Studies Program and Katherine Thompson, Chair, Cybersecurity Council and National Spokesperson for CATAAlliance, in a discussion with Chief Business Officer, Kevin Wennekes, regarding the key themes and recommended priorities resulting from the 2015 National Policing Cybercrime Summit.

Viewers will learn of the 13 key themes arrived at during the Summit and be offered a focus in three key areas: 1) the actions that need to take place Inside Policing; 2) the importance of an interface between Policing, Academia and Private Technology Sector partners; and 3) the need for engagement between Police, Partners and the Public.

The discussion delves into topics ranging from issues such as the need for better education of and executive leadership from law enforcement stakeholders, greater engagement with industry towards identifying/sharing their best practices and exposure to innovative solutions, establishing greater trust among a better-educated public on matters related to cybercrime, and the need to promote the stories and lessons-learned from those on the front line of cybercrime investigations.

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