Broadband for Public Safety: New Technologies: Alcatel-Lucent & the Alexandria Police Department Live Demonstration
December 17, 2010

Canada Must Say Yes to Broadband for Public Safety

Public Safety Will Run Out of Data Spectrum in the Near Future

Emily Boucher, Media Adviser at or 613-236-6550

Please view the video provided by Alcatel-Lucent, in cooperation with the Alexandria Police Department, as it demonstrates data capabilities for first responders using the LTE Public Safety Broadband (PSBB) spectrum in Alexandria, VA.

This demonstration (October 2010) highlights network readiness to support current public safety applications used by police and other emergency response personnel as well as new applications enabled by wireless broadband.

++ Action Item:  Please review the recent Broadband for Public Safety Campaign Communiqué and take action today.

You may also wish to participate in a one hour Teleforum Conference Call with Sir Terence Matthews on Thursday, January 13th at 11:00 a.m. EST. The topic:  Business Opportunities/Insights into Advanced Security markets, including an Update on the Broadband for Public Safety Campaign.