New Group Benefits Insurance Program Adds Value and Savings: To learn more about how our innovative approach can work for your company, please contact CATAAlliance today
December 17, 2008

Ottawa, December 17, 2008...Canada's largest high tech trade association, CATAAlliance, announced the launch of a New Group Benefits Insurance Program, employing state of the art techniques to provide companies with value, and savings.

According to CATA President John Reid, "The Group Benefits solutions were developed with major underwriters (see below) and are very much part of CATA's commitment to seek out innovative technologies, resources and approaches that support more competitive business structures." He added, "Whether you have a small or large staff, providing the appropriate benefits and incentives is critical to your compensation program."

Solutions for Groups

2-19 Employees

With current economic conditions employers are looking for value, savings, and innovative approaches to their benefit plan designs. Our benefit program provides for standard plan design options with clear and accurate administration.

For funding of the dental benefit, Administrative Services Only (ASO) plans provide employers with the opportunity to self-insure lower risk components of their group insurance plan. This allows Employers to reduce their expenses by assuming the risk for this benefit, while fully insuring the remainder of their group benefits.

Case Study 1:
Our Innovative approach resulted in savings for a 16 employee Credit Union group of $75,205 over a 3 year period

Solutions for Groups

20 Plus Employees

For employers with 20 plus employees, An ATM Cost-Reduction Approach is available that guarantees your expenses on health and dental benefits up to 3 years with no loss in benefits or service.

Case Study 2:
The ATM Cost-Reduction Approach resulted in savings for a 56 employee Hi-Tech group of $193,962 over a 3 year period

Action Item
To learn more about how this innovative approach can work for your company, contact your CATAAlliance Representative, Marcus Whittington at 1-877-486-0927 or