Canada’s National Cybercrime Strategy: White Paper and Podcast
December 16, 2015


Members with an interest and views to share on Canada’s National Cybercrime Strategy should view our recent 53-minute podcast interview of key leaders in the field. Please request your viewing password from CATA CEO, John Reid at

Members can also obtain a comprehensive and timely 32-page white paper based on inaugural the National Policing Cybercrime Summit and follow up expert interviews. The Cybercrime Priorities and Needs Report identifies recurring security themes  and outlines seven key priority areas for advancing Canadian law enforcement’s capacity to combat cybercrime.

Watch this 53-minute podcast featuring Marie-Claude Arsenault, OIC National Intelligence Priorities & Cyber Team, National Intelligence Coordination Centre, Royal Canadian Mounted Police; Doug Ross, Head, Technical Analysis Team (Digital Forensic Labs), Royal Canadian Mounted Police; and Norman E. Taylor, Co-Founder and Program Director for the CACP Global Study Group.

In the fall of 2014, the CACP Board of Directors assigned to the newly rebranded CACP Executive Global Studies Program (CACP Global) the research task of examining cyber crime in both a domestic and global context. In framing this assignment, the board recognized cyber crime as an emerging concern “that challenges the traditional skills, capacities, roles and response patterns of policing … “ and further highlighted that “… the need for a coherent national response is an emerging priority for Canadian police leaders.” Beginning in January, the 2015 cohort of 17 succession-ready police leaders embraced this challenge. The CACP Global 2015 cohort included representatives from 11 federal, provincial, local and military policing agencies, and in keeping with the tradition of the prior seven cohorts, they pursued this research challenge within a transformative learning framework, following a problem-based approach.

This podcast reviews the findings of this study and a dialogue with the speakers exploring the importance of collaboration, coordination and advocacy/education.

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