Interested in Cybersecurity & Public Safety? then join CATA's new fully moderated Forum
December 16, 2014

++ Action Item: Join the new Cybersecurity & Public Safety Forum to meet with peers and share solutions & strategies at: It is a fully moderated, opt-in Forum led by CATA VP, Katherine Thompson who can be reached a

Background on the New Cybersecurity & Public Safety Forum

The threat of cyber attacks on an organization is quickly becoming one of the most pervasive and potentially debilitating issues facing the digital economy. It is estimated that over $400 billion is lost every year due to cybercrime and this figure continues to grow. The targets are vast ranging from the individual consumer to the infrastructure of major first world countries.

We are a meeting place for the exchange of information, ideas and advocacy for the issues facing government and private sector in the area of cybersecurity and public safety. The exchanges within this Forum are designed to help committed professionals find solutions and strategies that will meet present day challenges while addressing the opportunities and obstacles of the future.

This group believes in collaboration between individuals, groups and organizations both nationally and in the global marketplace. We support and celebrate the innovation taking place within the industry and encourage cyber skills development as a differentiator in the global ICT industry.