Nitido Inc.: new CATA sponsor: SR&ED Advocacy
December 16, 2010

We are very pleased to announce that Nitido Inc. has joined the growing ranks of new CATA sponsors, supportive of the industry's Innovation Nation Campaign  and utilizing CATA Resources to help grow their business.  

About Nitido Inc.

Nitido Inc. provides consumer-centric network applications and infrastructure for network service providers to drive new revenues and increase operational efficiencies Nitido believes that its core success metric is consumer adoption, as do our partners. As a result, we structure relationships based on consumer acquisition so that investments are aligned with revenues and subscriber adoption. Today, over 30 million consumers enjoy service provider branded services built and run on Nitido's technology.

++ Action Item: Please review an open letter from Sir Terry Matthews, CATA's National Spokesperson, on Why Join CATA. In the Open letter, there is also a link to a CATANet TV video interview of CATA President, John Reid, talking about business leverage provided by the CATAAlliance.