Important SR&ED Updates from Russ Roberts, Senior VP, Tax and Finance, CATAAlliance: CATAnet TV videos now available
December 15, 2008

CATAnet TV productions is now offering two video productions that address
emerging issues and concerns and provides guidance on how companies can
best address recent changes to the SR&ED program.

Key questions and areas of interest addressed include:

In Part One:  SR&ED Tax Credit – Changes (five minutes)

  • What Changes have been made to the SR&ED Tax Credit Program?
  • What are the Key Differences that Applicants will notice?
  • How do these Changes Affect Eligibility?
  • Would you call this a Disconnection from Innovation Support?
  • What Actions should the Stakeholders take?

In Part Two:  SR&ED Tax Credit – Guidance (four minutes)  

  • Could you explain the New T661 Form?
  • What are your impressions of the New On-Line Assessment Tool?
  • Could you provide some practical tips for Claimants? 

Russ Roberts, is recognized as one of Canada’s leading tax and regulatory
experts, and as the Alliance’s Senior Vice President, Tax and Finance, his
mandate is to create a
unified voice for Canada’s SR&ED performers. 

++ Action Item: To receive a copy of your SR&ED Briefing Note (members only)
please send an email to John Reid,  with SR&ED in the Subject Line.
We are also inviting further guidance from members in advancing the industry’s
multi sector SR&ED Advocacy Campaign.

Organizations interested in conducting public policy advocacy, research and/or
Surveys in partnership with CATA should email