Licensing Simplified – At Home and At Work
December 14, 2011

Rick Claus

I'm Rick Claus, Senior Technical Evangelist with Microsoft Canada. I work on a team that is tasked with trying to help YOU by providing resources, answering questions and generally trying to set you up for success with Microsoft-based solutions.

We’ve received some great feedback lately from our IT community about Licensing. Whether you need to buy one license from a traditional retail store or explore options for a more flexible volume licensing program, it can be confusing and sometimes downright intimidating to figure out what you need. After doing a little digging - I've highlighted some resources you can use to help figure out exactly what you need when you talk with your software reseller.

Speaking of licensing – I often get asked if I can back up our claims at a more cost effective Virtualization solution for your server rooms. I dug up a great – no nonsense breakdown on recent licensing changes in the industry and how our offering stacks up.

Licensing Resources: Feel free to connect with me to continue the conversation.
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