Please Respond to the On-Line Survey on the Culture of Competitiveness: Advancing industry research and advocacy for innovation success
January 16, 2013

CATAAlliance, together with its industry, government and academic partners, is embarking upon a study aimed at understanding the culture of competitiveness in Canadian companies.

To help us gain insights, please respond to the on-line survey at:

Participating in this study should not take more than 15 minutes; we believe you will find the topics discussed in the survey to be of sufficiently interest that you will wish to pass the survey to the other members of your executive team.

Business innovation affects directly and indirectly all aspects of national economic and social well being and has become one of the most significant issues affecting Canada. 

While we managed to weather the current economic storm much better than many other countries, we slipped two places in the World Economic Forum’s 2012 Global Competitiveness Index– mostly because of the business innovation, where we fell from 11th to 22nd place in the past year.

You may also wish to review CATA’s Innovation Box Campaign for further insights and then join with us in research and advocacy  to enhance the effectiveness of business innovation in Canada towards a more competitive position in the global marketplace.

Thank you.

Dr. Sorin Cohn, Conference Board of Canada &
Executive in Residence, CATAAlliance