Important Call for Advocacy Guidance: Set the CATAAlliance agenda for 2014
December 11, 2013

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  • Group: Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance (CATAAlliance)
  • Subject: Important call for Advocacy Guidance: CATAAlliance

Dear members

Our Forums, Communities and related Sub Groups were created for executives to access briefing materials, share information and provide guidance on matters relating to the mission and mandate of CATAAlliance. 

We are now reaching out to the community for guidance on issues and impediments affecting the growth and competitive success of Canadian based enterprises. Our ambitious goal is to create the Competitive Innovation Nation, for Canada to be ranked number one by global peers.

When you alert us to an issue or impediment, we then organize an Advocacy Campaign to seek resolution and adoption of the desired change. Some examples: Crowdfunding, Certificate 116, Broadband for Public Safety, Public Cloud First for Canada etc.

++ Action Item: If you have any specific issue and/or guidance on priorities that you would like addressed, then please contact CATA CEO, John Reid at and we can incorporate into our Competitive Innovation Nation program. Please feel free to post your issue on our Forum as part of a conversation with peers.

We are also available for private briefings on any matter that might be specific to your company and not appropriate for a larger Advocacy Campaign. If needed, we will draw on our executive team of experts to assist. 

On behalf of the CATA National Leadership Council (see URL below), thank you for your guidance and support 
Posted By John Reid