A special opportunity with Flintbox: Outreach to Universities and Colleges
December 09, 2007

CATA Alliance is pleased to announce a special opportunity with Flintbox

Flintbox is Canada’s innovation database and an intellectual property matchmaking system used by over 60 universities and research institutions across the country. The CATAAlliance and Flintbox are offering Profile accounts at no charge to all CATA Alliance members for a year. Flintbox Pro Accounts allow CATA members to post a profile, connect with researchers, technology transfer professionals and industry, and get first access to emerging technologies.

“In the highly-competitive and fast changing wireless marketplace, Mobidia needs to stay on top of the latest technologies,” said Fay Arjomandi Chief Technical Officer, Mobidia Technology Inc. “We see Flintbox providing unique insight into emerging, relevant research as it happens and highlighting collaboration opportunities on innovations that will keep us ahead of our competitors.”

"Flintbox is uniquely positioned with its national network of participating research institutions to connect our membership with the licensing opportunities from Canadian Research and critical relationships with technology transfer," said Barry Gander, EVP. "We can plug thousands of academic and research organizations into partnership opportunities that occur every week. It is a pleasure to welcome Flintbox into a vital relationship as a cornerstone of CATA's "Innovation Nation" program.

To create a pro account on Flintbox, go to www.flintbox.com/signup_info.asp. Use the promotion code CATA20071 to get your account FREE for 1 year. Click here to view CATA’s profile on Flintbox.

The CATA Alliance will be hosting Flintbox webinars for any members that are interested in learning more about how Flintbox can integrate with their current online collaboration strategies. Please contact Barry Gander at (613) 220-1368, bgander@cata.ca or Meira Larose at meira@flintbox.com.