Peter Brojde Award for Emerging Technology Leadership: Nominations are Now Open: Submit today and datebook the CATA Innovation Awards Gala
January 30, 2015

OTTAWA, January 30, 2015 - CATAAlliance, Canada's largest high tech association announced today the call for nominations for Emerging Technology Leadership, named after the late Peter Brojde, one of Canada’s leading and respected entrepreneurs.

The Peter Brojde Award for Canada’s Next Generation Executive Leadership

This Award recognizes the executive leadership of an individual who has had a major impact on the creation, success and/or transformation of their enterprise. Candidates will typically hold senior positions such as CEO, CFO, COO, President or Vice-President. The winner will be representative of Canada’s next generation of Innovation Nation business leaders. Last year's winner was Ashwin Kutty, President & CEO, WeUsThem Inc.

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Peter Brojde

Mr. Brojde was born on February 12, 1945 in the city of Moscow, the youngest of three boys to WWII resistance heroes Leopold Trepper and Luba Brojde. The Trepper-Brojde family left Moscow for neighbouring Poland, Peter enrolled at the Warsaw Polytechnical Institute, where he later would complete a Masters degree of Science in solid-state physics.

Starting a new life in Canada, with is wife Anna, Peter co-founded Micom Data Systems, a company that became a world leader in stand-alone word processing systems, a precursor to today’s PCs. In 1979, Micom was acquired by Dutch electronics giant Philips N.V. Mr. Brojde served as VP of research and development at Philips from 1979-1984, where he managed the development of products that generated over $1 billion dollars in revenues.

Always driven to innovate, Peter, together with his brother-in-law Maks Wulkan and colleague, Shyam Prasad, at Philips co-founded Eicon Technology Corporation, one of the world’s first companies dedicated to computer and network connectivity, where Peter became President and CEO. The company grew from 3 to 700 employees in 70 countries around the world, and ranked fourth largest among Canadian software manufacturers.

During his tenure, Peter received numerous awards for his contribution to the high-tech industry sector. For example, in 1995, he received the Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance award for Leadership in the Private Sector. Also in 1995, Eicon Technology received the Canada Export Award for Lifetime Achievement, after being nominated for the award, which recognizes outstanding success on the international market, on three previous occasions.

Peter retired in 2000 and became an Angel Investor, having served the high-tech community as member high level Boards, including the Canadian Advanced Technology Association.

Peter passed away in 2005 after a courageous battle with cancer; however his wish was to continue to advance the ethic of personal and business success through hard work, perseverance, and community involvement. The New Award has been created in that spirit. 

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30th Annual Innovation Leadership Gala

CATAAlliance president John Reid said, "We're proud to be the chosen partner for this prestigious award for Emerging Technology Leadership will be named in Mr. Brojde’s honour. The qualities of hard work, perseverance and community involvement are fundamental to addressing today’s economic challenges."

The Peter Brojde Award will be presented in May at the CATAAlliance's 30th Annual  Innovation Awards Gala Dinner, to be held in Ottawa on May 21st, 2015.

This year’s Gala continues a 30 year tradition of recognizing outstanding technological innovation and corporate leadership in expanding the frontiers of Canada's advanced technology industries. 

CTV Alumni Host, Paul Brent will return as the guest MC and moderator of an All Star Panel of business and community leaders focusing on the theme of Innovation Leadership and Social Give Back.


John Reid
President, CATAAlliance