55 Point Submission on Canadian Broadcasting in New Media Now Available
December 8, 2008

Of special interest to organizations within the internet and content creation marketplace ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Under the direction of CAIP (Canadian Association of Internet Providers), incorporating VOIP (Voice over Internet Providers), a team of experts has prepared and tabled with the CRTC (Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission), a 55 Point Submission addressing issues and concerns regarding Canadian Broadcasting in New Media.

Key themes covered in the Submission included:

  • Defining Broadcasting in New Media
  • The significance of broadcasting in new media and its impact on the Canadian broadcasting system
  • Are incentives or regulatory measures necessary or desirable for the creation and promotion of Canadian broadcasting content in new media?
  • Are there issues concerning access to broadcasting content in new media?
  • Other broadcasting or public policy objectives
  • The appropriateness of the new media exemption orders 

++ Action Item: To receive your copy of the 55 Point Submission (members only) please send an email to John Reid, jreid@cata.ca  with New Media in the Header. We are also inviting further guidance from members in advancing any of their New Media interests in forthcoming hearings.

Organizations interested in conducting public policy research and/or Surveys in partnership
with CAIP should email