Innovation Lobby Group Adds Real-Time Social Polling to Advance Crowdsourced Innovation Nation Advocacy: JUDI & CATAAlliance advance SR&ED advocacy
January 8, 2016


Ottawa, ON

CATAAlliance (, Canada’s One Voice for Innovation Lobby Group has teamed up with ClearPicture Corporation on a real time polling platform known as JUDI ( to further CATA’s vision of crowdsourcing ideas and guidance to use in public policy debate.

CATA CEO, John Reid ( said,  “What drives us forward is having a real-time, responsive business model so that we can react in real time. It’s like the Toronto Stock Exchange; you see what stocks are going up and down, and you’re really working in real time. We want to do the same through our social media channels.”

JUDI is a real-time, mobile feedback service that engages audiences to provide their opinions on topics that matter, when they matter most. Need to understand the opinions of others? Ask JUDI.Want to give your opinion? Tell JUDI.  

Tune into the CATA Social Trade Show for a preview of JUDI and an interview with its CEO, Scott Murray (    

Murray said,  “We are very excited to be working with CATAAlliance and helping to create the conditions for a more Innovation Canada through informed community advocacy. JUDI is a remarkably simple mobile feedback service that provides incredible insights on topics that are relevant, when they are relevant. Anyone who is looking to understand the opinions of others, can quickly, easily ask for and receive opinions in realtime.“

JUDI channels can be either public meaning anyone with the JUDI app installed can participate or private meaning only those invited can participate.  This allows organizations such as CATA to work with both targeted and broad audiences.  Participants choose the channels they participate in meaning they are generally highly engaged in the channel’s subject matter.

CATAAlliance’s first JUDI Channel will relate to company experiences with refundable SR&ED Tax Credits for R&D, one of the pillars of the CATA Competitive Innovation Nation mission.

++ Action Item: Two Options for Completing the SR&ED Survey The first option is to go directly to the SR&ED Survey link and answer the 3 question Survey: The second preferred option is to go to on your mobile device for links to download the JUDI mobile app from the AppStore or PlayStore and register with your email address to gain access to CATA public and private discussion topics.

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The Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance (CATAAlliance) is Canada's One voice for Innovation Lobby Group, crowdsourcing ideas and guidance from thousands of opt in members in moderated social networks in Canada and key global markets. (No Tech Firm Left Behind)

ClearPicture Corporation

ClearPicture was founded in Halifax in 1995 as pioneers in online survey and now celebrate two decades of continuous innovation. We help organizations continuously improve by revealing impactful connections within their stakeholder community.  Our latest innovation is JUDI. A real-time, mobile feedback service that engages audiences to provide their opinions on topics that matter, when they matter most.