Social Media Leadership for CEOs & Canada’s Competitive Innovation Nation
December 3, 2012

December 3, 2012

ING DIRECT Canada’s Peter Aceto Speaks Out:
Social Media Leadership for CEOs & Canada’s Competitive Innovation Nation

ING Direct Canada, President & CEO, Peter Aceto talks about social media as a prime driver for competitive success.
Please take fifteen minutes to view the video of ING DIRECT Canada, President & CEO, Peter Aceto who at a recent i-CANADA Summit talks about need for business leaders to embrace the power of social media personally, in order to help boost Canada’s economy.

Mr. Aceto reviews Canada’s positive attributes, but then sounds an alarm over the nation’s slipping competitiveness rankings. He offers a solution: having Canadian leaders, and particularly CEOs embrace the power of social media.

In his remarks, Mr. Aceto covers areas such as the Social CEO, transparency imperatives, social and technology revolution, changing consumer expectations, new corporate structures, redefinition of leadership, communities of trust and loyalty, digital trends, with a final emphasis on social media as the new fuel for Canada’s competitive advantage.

Viewers can also hot link from the video to a CATAAlliance interview of New York Times Best Selling Author, Stephen Covey who talks about trust and leadership.

Peter Aceto’s Leadership Profile

Mr. Peter R. Aceto serves as Chief Executive Officer of ING DIRECT Canada at The Bank Of Nova Scotia. He is a passionate leader and committed savings advocate. His career at ING DIRECT began in Canada more than a decade ago as a founding member of its senior leadership team.

At ING DIRECT Canada, he provides his relentless focus on delivering an outstanding customer experience and the cornerstones of success for ING DIRECT: maintaining a simple and efficient business model, working with management to develop and evolve a winning and adaptable strategy, managing risk, return and growth; and building an ever strengthening team to execute its vision. Mr. Aceto served a member of the ING DIRECT USA executive committee and responsible for sales, marketing and corporate communications. Prior to that, he held the posts of Chief Risk Officer, Chief of Staff and Chief Lending Officer. While in the U.S., he championed its philanthropic activities which focused on providing opportunities to underprivileged children across the country and around the world. He serves as a Director of ING Bank of Canada.

Mr. Aceto received his Bachelor of Law in May 1994 from the University of Western Ontario and also earned his undergraduate degree in Psychology in 1991.

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