CATA forms Action Committee on Entrepreneurship (ACE)
December 3, 2009


December 3, 2009

Action Committee on Entrepreneurship (ACE)

Judging from the feedback I received, "The Entrepreneurial Effect in Ottawa" night of November 5th was a great success.

But it doesn't end there,  I am pleased to announce the next initiative.

The CATAAlliance has formed the Action Committee on Entrepreneurship (ACE). We have created the following vision and mission statement for ACE.

To foster an environment and culture in which technology companies can be created, grow and remain in Canada.

To implement a national and international ecosystem around the following 5 pillars:
  • Create seed funding opportunities for new start-up companies based, in part, on the technology community's support for the new venture.
  • Improve the level of management talent in new and growing companies by capturing and disseminating entrepreneurial knowledge from successful entrepreneurs.
  • Assist new and growing companies through interregional and international collaboration.
  • Conduct support activities to assist students to create companies as they leave university/college.
  • Foster mentoring.
The platform has been built and we want you to get involved. With your involvement we can create a strong technology industry in Canada. I look forward to suggestions on how we can make this happen.

Thanks for your guidance.

James Bowen

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