Dispute Resolution Survey -- Please Complete
December 03, 2007


Date: December 4, 2007

Dispute Resolution Survey


CATAAlliance is pleased to launch a Dispute Resolution Survey that will serve as a basis for creating a best practices Forum on the effective management of disputes. Our goal is to minimize the negative costs and business impacts of disputes within and between organizations.

Disputes with clients, suppliers and employees are a fact of life. However, the method of resolving these disputes can have a substantial impact on the effectiveness of a business enterprise. Litigation is costly, not only in the context of the actual out-of-pocket costs, but also the loss of executive time and negative impact on relationships.

Please respond no later than December 30, 2007. Respondents will receive a complimentary copy of the resulting Survey report.


If you are a chief executive officers, chief financial officer, chief operating officer and chief administrative officers, as well as in-house counsel, then please take five minutes to complete the Survey using the following link