Pilot for a Real Time Polling Platform: Confirm your interest please
December 1, 2015


Dear (send an email to jreid@cata.ca to confirm your interest in being part of the pilot)

“Seeking your opinion and feedback for events that are happening, as they are happening.”

CATAAlliance wants your opinions on key topics as part of strengthening Canada's One Voice for Innovation Lobby Group.

To do so, we have teamed up with ClearPicture Corporation on a real time polling platform known as JUDI to give community members a place to provide views and feedback on topics that are important to you, when they are important to you.

Our first pilot is a Private Channel on the topic of Stock Options, an important public policy concern given the government’s intention to change the Stock Option regime in an unfavourable way.

Here is how you can help out: Once you have received an email invitation from JUDI, your first step is to go to askjudi.com and download the free app to your mobile device. Your second step is to use the app on your device to subscribe to the Stock Option Channel (CATA) and then simply answer five questions.

Our goal is close the time gap between having an opinion and giving an opinion and using that opinion as public policy leverage for Canada’s One Voice for Innovation Lobby Group, CATAAlliance.

Thanks for being part of the pilot.

Signed & sent to a test group