Canadian R&D is Feedstock for Other Nations’ Growth -- CATA National Spokesperson, Sir Terence Matthews Calls for adoption of Innovation Plan: community mobilization for a new Vision of Canada
December 1, 2011

++ Call to Action:

MP and Community Mobilization
Please send electronically and/or print out and fax this communiqué, including the Innovation Nation submission and follow up with a phone call to your local MP at the federal and provincial levels, elected officials, such as, the Mayor of your  City and Counselors,  media and network of public and private sector contacts, inclusive of posting on your social media. This will help us get across the need for change and the consequences to your firms and communities if actions are not taken.  

Organizational Mobilization
Please circulate this communiqué internally to all your employees and alumni and ask them to engage in the MP and Community Mobilization.

Join the Conversation
Dr. Russ Roberts, CATA’s Sr. VP, Tax & Finance moderates a social media discussion Group at this URL:  Join the conversation to network with peers, provide guidance and receive critical alerts. 

Open letter to Ministers with Mandates in Finance, Industry, Science & Technology & Trade: Achieving Canada’s Innovation Nation

Dear Minister

On behalf of the CATAAlliance Governing Council, National Spokesperson, Sir Terence Matthews and community partners, we are pleased to submit for your consideration our pre-Budget ‘Innovation Nation’ guidance paper.  It has been issued as a white paper to promote critical dialogue on this critical issue.

Of importance, is our identification of efficiency gains that can be made to the Scientific  Research  & Experimental Development Program.  Not only could the effectiveness of the tax credits as incentives be significantly improved, but perhaps a billion dollars or more of the current spend on SR&ED could be freed up for redistribution.

In this respect, one of our key concerns with the Jenkins proposals is that they do not make clear how truly significant savings can be achieved in the SR&ED Program or, for that matter, elsewhere.

Our submission sets out immediate actions that will help Canada improve its global innovation and competitiveness ranking.

We also ask that you and your officials review CATA’s Innovation Nation Campaign as it outlines additional desired changes to Canada’s eco-system at the federal, provincial and private sector level.

The Innovation Nation path forward that we outline is based on a thorough review of recent Science & Technology Reports; we have drawn on an extensive network of experts for community guidance and input.

In particular our submission has engaged:

  • the CATAAlliance Governing Council, a who’s who of Canadian technology and innovation leadership.
  • the i-CANADA leadership, a broad cross section of leaders and experts in all areas of society with an interest and expertise in creating our New Digital Economy and supporting the evolution of Canada into one of the world’s leading Intelligent Nations.  The i-CANADA Governors Council is chaired by The Honourable David Alward. Premier of New Brunswick and includes Mayors across Canada.
  • an expert  Commercialization/Innovation Group that is conducting seminal research into how to improve Canada’s commercialization record. Members are from major sectors of the economy and include high level government and private sector partners.
  • an opt in outreach to 10 thousand senior executives across Canada who dialogue with us in Teleforums, Surveys and one on one interviews.
  • a Canadian and global social media group of 1.5 million executives who regularly provide us with commentary and guidance.
  • a special Executive Thought Leadership team comprised of Canada’s leaders in science, technology and innovation 
Together we stand in support of advancing Canada’s Innovation.
We look forward to a positive consideration of the path we have outlined in our pre-Budget submission. 

Respectfully submitted

John Reid, CATA CEO
Sir Terence Matthews , CATA National Spokesperson

Ps  Note that the Innovation Nation Pre-Budget Submission is presented for your review at these URLs: