U.S. Venture Capital Investing in Canada, Section 116 Clearance Certificate Barrier: Pre Register for the TeleForum Briefing and Q&A
November 30, 2009

November 30, 2009

Important Updates of interest to Private and Public Sector Executives

Join a group of your colleagues on Tuesday, December 8th for a CATA Teleforum Conference Call on the Campaign to eliminate cross-border tax laws that are blocking much-needed venture capital from reaching Canadian high-tech companies. The first part of the Call with review the status of the North American VC industry.

A "Section 116" clearance certificate from one of 45 Canadian government offices that grant it is required for every investor in a US venture fund, and many funds have dozens or even hundreds of investors. A single stock deal can literally require hundreds of applications and hundreds of signatures. One US venture capital firm in a single transaction had to obtain almost 900 signatures in connection with a Section 116 processing.

Further details are presented in this backgrounder:

The Teleforum Conference Call is a uniquely interactive meeting of invitation-only executives who will also be invited to related venues to extend the information sharing, access to briefing material and encourage peer exchanges.

CATA Teleforum Conference Call: Cross-Border Tax Barrier to U.S. Venture Funding in Canada
Featuring Moderator: John Reid, CEO, CATAAlliance;
Presenters: Tom Houston, Partner, Fraser, Milner Casgrain, and Stephen Hurwitz, Partner, Choate Hall & Stewart LLP, Boston.

Tuesday, December 8th, 2009
10:15am - 11am EST
Register: online
Conference Call format with Q&A

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To Register please complete the online registration form at: http://www.cata.ca/Media_and_Events/teleforum.html

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Questions: please contact eboucher@cata.ca

Note: Register early!
Based on feedback from previous Teleforum Calls, we may need to limit the number of registrants on this call with additional calls scheduled, as required. This format facilitates richer discussions with ample time for Q&A.

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