Innovation Nation White Paper: Significant Contribution to well being of all Canadians: Engage with us in advocacy
November 29, 2011

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Canadian R&D is Feedstock for Other Nations’ Growth -- CATA National Spokesperson, Sir Terence Matthews Calls for adoption of Innovation Plan: Mobilize for a new Vision of Canada This White Paper may be the most significant contribution that CATA has ever made to the future well being of all Canadians. I urge every member of CATA to print a copy of: "Canada as a Competitive Innovation Nation  What Needs to be Done  CATA Alliance 2012 Pre-budget Comment"....and forward it to your member of Parliament. I have spent almost 40 years in ICT Research & Development. I observed first hand the innovative products created in Canada ending up benefiting foreign countries. This must stop!

Posted by Mike Milinkovich, Mayor of Black River Matheson