The Rush to Open Data: What it takes to prosper as a nation of intelligent communities
November 27, 2012

The discussion (at our recent i-CANADA Summit) about the Open Rush to Open Data, Open Systems was chaired by Fawn Annan, President and Group Publisher, IT World Canada, with assistance from Berry Vrbanovic, Past-Chair, Federation of Canadian Municipalities, and Jury Konga, from the Open Data Research Advisory Council. "We are tapping one of the most important benefits of the digital age," said Ms. Annan. Mr. Konga added that municipalities are among the most agile forms of government, which explains why they are able to experiment so quickly with Open Data. He cautioned that "Most governments don't know what data they have." Mr. Vrbanovic said that with the market for mobile applications reaching $35-billion by 2015, there would be even more pressure on governments to release data to citizens, who could integrate applications with their total lifestyle.

View the 18 minute video now.