Shared Service Canada (SSC): Procurement Benchmarks Advisory Committee: Call for Nominations By December 5th
November 27, 2012

Information Technology Procurement Benchmarks Advisory Committee

Terms of Reference

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The Government of Canada Information Technology Procurement Benchmarks Advisory Committee provides strategic advice and recommendations to the Information Technology Infrastructure Roundtable (ITIR) in support of Shared Services Canada’s Transformation and Operations agenda.


The Procurement Benchmarks Advisory Committee supports the Information Technology Industry Roundtable by considering the ways in which IT goods and services (as they relate to the mandate of Shared Services Canada) can be purchased and managed.  The Advisory Committee is a forum where industry experts, associations and Government of Canada representatives can come together to consider the ways in which IT is planned, procured and managed across Government.  Interrelationships with other working groups are necessary as procurement overlaps with socio-economic considerations and sourcing strategies. 


The Government of Canada Procurement Benchmark Advisory Committee:

·        Serves as a public-private sector advisory forum to identify tactical measures to streamline and simplify procurement for IT infrastructure goods and services (e.g. identifying triggers to increasing procurement cycle times);

·        Provides advice and guidance, explores options, and makes recommendations on the externally facing aspects of SSC procurement environment (e.g. engagement, communications, planning, policy, security and process requirements etc);

·        Provides strategic direction and collaborative leadership that enhances industry engagement and identifies industry barriers to engagement;

·        Supplies sector-based market intelligence from industry through presentations, identification of trends and best practices;

·        Identifies innovative procurement practices and tools used in other jurisdictions and advises SSC on the development and scope of procurement vehicles that could support SSC’s transformation and operations mandate (i.e. standing offers, supply arrangements or other methods of supply), and

·        Addresses and responds to issues or recommendations referred to it by the IT Infrastructure Roundtable.


The Senior Assistant Deputy Minister and Chief Financial Officer, SSC will be the Chair and the Assistant Comptroller General, Acquired Services and Assets Sector Office of the Office of the Comptroller General will be the Vice-Chair of the Advisory Committee.

Proposed Membership

·   Director General, Procurement and Vendor Relations, SSC

·   Director General, Transformation, Services Strategy and Design, SSC

·   Director General, Projects  and Client Relationships, SSC

·   Director General, Acquisitions Branch, PWGSC

·   12-15 Representatives from ICT Sector



Ex-officio members will act as observers and will be able to attend ITIR at their choosing.  Ex-officio membership is proposed as follows:

·        A representative from each association;

·        Senior ADMs of SSC;

·        Head of Analytics, SSC; and

·        A representative from the President’s Office, SSC.

The Advisory Committee is expected to operate for approximately one year.

Meetings and Agenda

The Advisory Committee will meet every 6 - 8 weeks, or as required at the call of the Chair.

The agenda of the advisory group will vary depending on the areas of focus, and SSC reserves the right to adjust or supplement membership in order to ensure that the right expertise is available at the right time.  This approach is intended to ensure every association has an opportunity to identify a subject matter expert while also providing the flexibility to ensure discussions have the benefit of as much outside advice as possible.  This will also keep the number of participants to a manageable size which will help to encourage active participation and momentum per agenda item.

Only members or their permanent designated delegates may attend meetings of the Advisory Committee.

Secretariat Support

Logistic and secretariat services will be provided by SSC

Meeting materials will be provided a minimum of two days in advance of scheduled meeting.