Open letter to Canada's Public Safety and Security executives: Engage with Canada's Innovation Lobby Group today to advance mission
November 24, 2015


Dear Community executives,

In the 3 minute video interview below, Kevin Wennekes, CATA, Chief Business Officer, discusses a new 21 page White Paper on Canadian Law Enforcement Cybercrime Priorities and Needs. The White Paper, based on a Cybercrime Summit of 100 thought leaders, looks at technologies, methodologies and collaborative approaches for advancing Canadian Public Safety and Security.

Kevin and I discussed how to build on this base research and guidance and have laid out some go forward initiatives using the full suite of CATA resources and business networks.

Kevin has already approached Summit keynote speakers for Encore Presentations to add to the CATA Video Sharing Channel for Public Safety and Security, now housing 60 executive interviews. Have a look at this landing page:

The idea though, is to make it Encore Plus, with new interviews from global thought leaders in the field and we have already reached out to and confirmed some exciting new speakers with insight that will potentially benefit viewers as they advance mandates.

And to make this personal, Kevin is advancing for our members, private, by invitation only luncheons with security leaders for more intimate discussion on ways forward.

As a final note, have a look at the recent CATA update where public safety and security is an important advocacy theme:

Thank you for your leadership and engagement, and please contact Kevin ( to get even more involved with the mission.


John Reid, CATA CEO