Canadian Red Cross Joins CATAAlliance
November 24, 2006


Media Coverage: CATA and the Red Cross pair up to share resources (Nov. 28, IT Business)

The Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance (CATAAlliance) is pleased to announce the recent joining of its newest member, the Canadian Red Cross. As a result of this new partnership, the two organizations are embarking on a number of new initiatives that are certain to positively impact on every Canadian business and citizen, as well as potentially improving the international operations of the Red Cross itself.

These projects include the Red Cross’ participation in CATAAlliance’s Brand Canada campaign, their contribution and support of the current study of Canadian First Responders, and most importantly, their decision to allow CATAAlliance to act as their facilitator and link to the ICT vendor community.

“CATAAlliance has demonstrated a clear commitment to assisting not only the Red Cross to become a better known and more effecient organization through the use of leading technology , but have also demonstrated a similar desire for the Country,” says John Mulvihill, Deputy Secretary General, Development for the Red Cross. “We do not enter into such partnerships lightly and we place significant emphasis on working with those who are dedicated to bettering the communities they serve; CATAAlliance has very obviously proven their worth to us in this regard.”

Recently, the Red Cross co-sponsored and helped lead discussion at CATAAlliance’s Advantage Canada Summit in Halifax. This summit was the first of a series of national consultations designed to develop a Canadian Brand capitalizing on its sourcing advantages, and the Red Cross, as the world’s second-most recognized brand, was clearly an important contributor to the proceedings. (More information on the Halifax Summit here:

The Canadian Red Cross has also been consulted for the development of a study that is being prepared with the Canadian Police Research Centre. It will focus on the needs and challenges of the country’s first responders - police, fire, paramedic and emergency aid organizations – in their delivery of emergency response and emergency preparedness solutions. (see

Finally, and most importantly, CATAAlliance and the Red Cross will soon be announcing detailed plans regarding an upcoming ICT Vendor Briefing Session taking place in January 2007. This briefing will bring the leading providers of Canadian ICT products and services into direct contact with Red Cross executive IT leaders for a half-day of information sharing and discovery.

“I was absolutely amazed to learn of the breadth of services that the Red Cross provides and the extent to which effective use of ICT can be a critical enabler in their business and humanitarian pursuits,” says CATAAlliance President, John Reid. “The Red Cross faces the same challenges, if not even greater, than that of most recognized multi-nationals firms, and they are looking to CATAAlliance and its members for solutions. Needless to say, we are proud to be able to work alongside this incredible organization.”

More information on the Vendor Briefing is expected to be available before December 15th. Member companies are invited to pre-register their interest in receiving advance notice of the event by contacting Cathi Malette at

About the Canadian Red Cross
The Red Cross is one of the world’s most respected symbols. It is a symbol of protection, hope, and assistance. The Canadian Red Cross is a not-for-profit, humanitarian organization dedicated to improving the lives of vulnerable people by mobilizing the power of humanity in Canada and around the world. The Red Cross helps people affected by emergency situations ranging from an individual house fire to a flood that disrupts an entire region of the country. A leader in injury prevention, the Red Cross provides a wide range of community-based services which enhance the well-being and dignity of all people, be they frail or elderly, children at risk, disabled, or palliative patients. Quality Red Cross programs and services are delivered across the entire country by qualified Red Cross staff members complemented by over 20,000 dedicated and highly trained community based volunteers. Since it was established more than 100 years ago, the Canadian Red Cross has become part of the nation’s social fabric, and enjoys the reputation of being one of Canada's most respected institutions. For more information on the Canadian Red Cross, please visit their website at

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