Innovation Lobby Group Congratulates the Minister of Finance for taking first step in preserving Stock Options for attracting and keeping talent in Canada
November 20, 2015

Ottawa On....CATAAlliance ( a recognized champion of Canadian innovation and entrepreneurship called on the new Liberal Government in a cross Canada lobby campaign to reconsider increasing taxes on employee stock option benefits by limiting Canadian resident employees from claiming the stock option deduction in respect of option benefits in excess of $100,000 annually as part of helping to advance Canada's innovation and competitiveness ranking to number one from middle of the pack.

In today’s Financial update, the Minister assured the community that any proposed changes would be grandfathered and only changes would be made after consultations with the community.

CATA CEO, John Reid (, said “ The new government again strikes a cord of openness and responsible governance based on responding to consultation views from Canadian experts. We remain committed to the full protection of Canada’s current stock option regime.”

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