Shared Services Canada (SSC): IT Modernization & Emerging Market Opportunities: Important Updates Now Available
November 20, 2012

++ Action Required: Executives can now receive a recording of the SSC Teleforum, including Q&A and key documents upon request to CATA CEO John Reid at

On the Call we reviewed and discussed three areas of interest:

• Impacts on small and medium companies in the Information Technology field in the context of restructuring initiatives across government;

• Recent questions from small and medium IT companies regarding their potential business Opportunities with the federal government as a result of these initiatives; and

• Feedback on how SMEs can play a role within the new procurement framework

We will also updated participants and seek your guidance on our work with SSC’s Architecture Framework Advisory Committee and related briefings with Parliamentarians and key officials where key issues and concerns have been flagged.

Participating in the call to share insights, guidance and help respond to questions were: Kelly Hutchinson, President of MarketWorks, John Cousens,, and Steve Woodward, Cloud Perspectives.

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