May to Must Cloud Computing with Anil Karmel, CEO, C2 Labs & Co-Chair, NIST Cloud Security Working Group: TechNOW
November 20, 2014

Will be streamed live on 05 December at 10:00 am EST: For Direct Viewing, including Count Down Clock:

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CATA CEO, John Reid’s interview with Anil Karmel will explore three themes: the benefits of cloud versus on premise solutions; meeting the Cyber Security challenge; and international best practices, such as Signapore’s goal of becoming the data hub of Asia.

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About Anil Karmel

“Cloud computing has become ubiquitous for the federal IT workforce, as many if not most agencies have begun to move functions like email or data storage into the cloud. But approaching cloud as a software-defined environment is still a relatively new concept in government.”

Anil Karmel is the Founder and CEO of C2 Labs, Inc. C2 Labs is a cloud security and services company focused on enabling IT agility by simplifying complexity through our innovative products and services, allowing you to Command and Control YOUR Cloud. Formerly, Anil served as the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) Deputy Chief Technology Officer and RightPath Chief Architect. RightPath is a lean and agile methodology employed via a partnership between the Department of Energy (DOE) Office of the Chief Information Officer and NNSA, delivering IT transformation to DOE by focusing on the key areas of people, process and technology.

Karmel is the inventor and architect of Los Alamos National Laboratory's (LANL) award winning secure hybrid cloud service broker, Infrastructure on Demand, illustrating an innovative partnership between industry and government. He also designed LANL's Enterprise Collaboration Suite, which consists of a suite of tools allowing users to collaborate how, when and where they want on a variety of endpoints including smartphones, tablets and zero clients. These solutions form the basis of the NNSA's Network Vision (2NV) - a RightPath project delivering ONEvoice powered by YOURcloud on the OneNNSA Network, laying the foundation for a dynamic, untethered virtual workforce.

Karmel has been in the IT Industry for over fifteen years, working with various Fortune 500 companies and government in the areas of enterprise virtualization, messaging and collaboration. He and his team garnered industry and government accolades, including the SANS National Cyber Security Innovators Award for Cloud Security, InformationWeek 500 Top Government IT Innovators, ACT/IAC Award and the DOE Secretary's Achievement Award. His team at LANL was named an ACT/IAC Finalist two years running. Karmel is a nationally recognized speaker and has been featured at numerous IT conferences and webinars, including VMworld and Gartner.

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