Innovation Lobby Group Launches Cloud 1st for Canada Advocacy Initiative: Focus on BluePrint for moving Canada to number one ranking
January 25, 2016

cloudfirst.jpgCloud 1st for Canada Advocacy Initiative

"Are you spending that capital in the old world -- on mainframes and minicomputers? Or are you spending that capital to create jobs of the future around data science and cloud and social and mobile?" (Vivek Kundra,  United States' inaugural Chief Information Officer)

Ottawa, ON... CATAAlliance, Canada's One Voice for Innovation Lobby Group, has now launched a Cloud 1st for Canada Advocacy Initiative as part of its Competitive Innovation Nation Campaign that aims at moving Canada to number one ranking in innovation and competitiveness. Canada's rankings lag behind many other nations.

A recent BSA Global cloud computing scorecard ranked Canada only 9th in the world for cloud readiness despite our natural advantages. That same report ranks us 24th in business adoption of ICT (information and communications technology); 47th in government adoption of advanced technology (despite a massive IT budget); 24th in average bandwidth per broadband user while being 37th in cost; and finally 92nd in cellular costs.

CATA CEO, John Reid said, “Given our lagging scorecard, we simply need to demonstrate more forward thinking leadership in the area of cloud computing. No business, let alone nation, can maintain a first-tier presence in global markets if handicapped by the inertia of legacy business models.”

He added, “ The role of policymakers is to provide legal and regulatory frameworks that drive innovation, provide incentives to build the infrastructure to support it, and promote confidence that using the cloud will bring the anticipated benefits without sacrificing expectations of privacy, security, and safety.”

According to CATA Innovation Leadership Council member and National Commentator, Ian Rae, CEO, Cloudops  “Canada needs to help cloud computing achieve escape velocity. We believe a role of government is to recognize the strategic importance of an industry, that they should build a strategy that will foster an ecosystem.”

View Mr. Rae's Cloud Adoption Video (3 minutes)

Eight Points To regain Canada’s footing, we need serious changes

  • A pan Canadian discussion of best ideas on how to accelerate our cloud platforms and cloud software, which recognizes and addresses regulatory factors, data gravity and the sovereignty it entails.

  • A panel meeting of leading Canadian experts to have a best practice discussion on cloud computing and Canada

  • An Internet Bill of Rights for Canadian businesses and consumers in an era where connectivity is a fundamental human need.

  • Investment in world-class data centers and true cloud platforms atop which we can build great Canadian technology companies.

  • Encourage risk capital for investment in software and platforms for digital business, evening out tax credit programs with other forms of economic stimulus.

  • Join Digital 5, or D5, a network of leading digital governments with the goal of strengthening the digital economy.

  • Enhance and exploit the common global perception that Canada is more data friendly than our Southern neighbour.

  • Culminating in a BluePrint for Cloud 1st addressing the specific areas of ensuring privacy, promoting security, battling cybercrime, protecting intellectual property, ensuring data portability and the harmonization of international rules, promoting free trade, and, establishing the necessary IT infrastructure, including removing access barriers.

Rae added, “ The Cloud 1st for Canada Advocacy Initiative aims to engage federal political parties, MPs, media and other major influencers through video interviews, roundtables, and other conversational tools designed to connect them to the voices of community leaders in the public and private sector.”

Reid and Rae concluded, “We would all benefit from Canadian businesses and government being more agile. We know that “cloud” can help us by pooling resources, improving time to market, lowering IT risk, improving collaboration etc… Getting more done, faster, from anywhere and reserving the right to effect change, whenever you need to adapt. That sounds like it is worth embracing.”

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