Mobile Health Innovation Roadmap Submitted: Executives Interested in Turning Up the Volume on Mobile Health in Canada should contact CATA today
November 17, 2014

Ottawa, November 17, 2014…Working with its Mobile Health Advisory Board, CATAAlliance responded to a consultation launched by to the Advisory Panel on Healthcare Innovation, a panel launched by Minister Ambrose in June of this year.

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CATA believes that mobile health (mHealth) is one of the five key areas of innovation that the Panel should identify. mHealth is broadly defined as health, wellness and the practice of medicine supported by mobile devices and technologies. Greater adoption of mobile technology would significantly enhance the quality of healthcare services delivered to Canadian citizens and drive cost efficiencies throughout the healthcare system.

We have identified five broad enabling themes requiring creative and collaborative action in order to drive adoption of mHealth. These themes are: awareness & education; access to personal health information; reimbursement models for clinicians; mobile health app certification; and addressing the gap between innovation & adoption.

While there is awareness of the potential of mHealth solutions, more work is required to demonstrate the impactful outcomes of mHealth including the positive impact mhealth could make in terms of quality of care, reduced hospital admissions and readmissions, and cost savings (ROI) to the healthcare system.

Despite a rapidly growing list of mHealth solutions in existence today, payment models do not adequately recognize the prescription of mobile health solutions as a reimbursable service. Reimbursement models for healthcare professionals must be aligned to account for new outcomes-based models of care delivery that leverage the use of mobile technology.

There is also a gap between the pace of mHealth innovation occurring in Canada and the rate of adoption of that innovation. We need to reduce this gap and streamline the procurement path in order to more quickly adopt mHealth solutions that have been validated from a clinical and technology standpoint.

With nearly 100,000 health and wellness apps available today, it is difficult for consumers and clinicians to identify apps that perform to standards from those with flaws that could prove detrimental to patient outcomes. Canada needs a scheme to identify and promote the awareness of quality and reliable mobile health apps.

CATA recommends that Canadian healthcare leaders should take a mobile first mindset when adopting innovation. mHealth offers one of the strongest opportunities to deliver best value for money as it has the potential to significantly reduce inappropriate admissions and readmissions by extending care into our communities.

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