A Global Sourcing Action Roadmap for Canada
November 16, 2005

OTTAWA, ONTARIO, October 6, 2005 - A lack of leadership and focus by both public and private sector organizations is threatening to erode Canada's place as a premier job sourcing destination, says a new report from the Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance (CATAAlliance).

The report, titled Sourcing Success and the Canadian Advantage in a Global Competitive Environment, is the result of two years of original research studies and consultation with leading experts in the field. In identifying the challenges and opportunities for Canada to become a global sourcing destination of choice, the report notes that Canada's branding as a preferred global sourcing destination is slipping, putting in jeopardy the "incredible opportunities" available to the country.

"Over the past two years of study, an often repeated concern was the lack of concentrated effort on behalf of private and public sector organizations to move beyond identifying or acknowledging the need for action, and to commit to making solutions happen," said Kevin Wennekes, CATAAlliance Vice President of Research and author of the report.

"This report lays the groundwork of a plan that can lead to Canada becoming an even more dynamic and better recognized sourcing location for advanced technology work," said Mr. Wennekes. "We have no intention of competing in terms of pure cost. However, we are not interested in joining a "race to the bottom" of the employment value chain. These days more firms, especially in the U.S. and U.K., consider outsourcing a higher value-added activity that requires specific knowledge, and countries like Canada that place greater emphasis on people, expertise and engaging in strategic delivery solutions will do better than those that are simply out to deliver a cut-rate service."

"This report lays the groundwork for productive partnerships with Commonwealth countries," added Sinclair Stevens, Commonwealth Advantage President. "The Commonwealth holds one-third of the world's workforce, and if we can agree on a strategic plan to build on the strengths of these workers, all of Canada will benefit." The Commonwealth Advantage is a program being launched in partnership with CATAAlliance, designed to promote the growth of Canadian and international business throughout the world's most significant economic black.

The report's Action Roadmap is offered as a starting point on a journey to Canadian Global Sourcing success and should serve as a rallying call for Canadian business leaders, knowledge experts, and advocacy groups to bring their weight of experience and resources to bear, to lifting this plan off of the paper and into concrete, measurable actions.

"CATAAlliance is committed to continuing to enhance and execute on the Action Roadmap," says Wennekes. "While we cannot take ownership and responsibility for bringing every aspect of the plan into being, we can continue to act as a facilitator and knowledge broker for the community."

Towards these ends, CATA is holding an invitation-only follow-up conference November 28, 2005 at the National Club in Toronto. It will be here that each of the three main elements of the plan be thoroughly explored and specific strategies adopted by those decision-makers and leaders committed to accountability for their delivery.

The conference attendees will include representatives from the federal and provincial governments, leading academic and research organizations, labour groups, sector councils and key private sector companies of various size and interests. While most conference panellists and attendees have been identified, expressions of interest to attend can still be tendered to CATA before October 15. Contact Kevin Wennekes at kwennekes@cata.ca for more information.

"We are confident that -- with the help of the businesses which are the major players in the global sourcing movement -- we can catalyze the coalitions required to leverage Canada's advantages and core strengths," stated Barry Gander, Executive Vice President of CATAAlliance. As Canada's largest high-tech organization, CATAAlliance is particularly concerned with any issue touching on exports and growth." The Action Roadmap report provides a wealth of information and detailed research findings including those of the EMERGENCE case studies and national e-survey as well as the detailed summary of the Trends in Global Sourcing Conference recently hosted by CATAAlliance.

"This report, while comprehensive and enthusiastically received by those who have been consulted on it, does not provide all the answers as many questions still remain unsolved," said Mr. Wennekes. "However, this Action Roadmap will help guide the country's decision-makers towards identifying the proper solutions and, most importantly, start building the partnerships and coalitions required to begin advancing and leveraging the advantages and core strengths we already know we, as a nation, possess."

The report is available to CATA Members for $95 and non-members for $395 with all proceeds being applied towards the funding of future studies and conferences being planned to carry the Action Roadmap.