A Special Request to Canada's innovation community executives to make a donation to our Competitive Innovation Nation fund
April 3, 2013

Take one minute to listen to CATA CEO, John Reid as he talks about the importance of actively supporting CATA peer networks, research and advocacy.

Dear community executives,

CATAAlliance reaches out to the community to ask executives to make modest donations to our Competitive Innovation Nation fund. With your investment, CATA is able to accelerate its work to strengthen Canada's advanced technology industries and communities.

Please go on-line now to make a contribution at this URL: http://www.cata.ca/Communities/contribution.html

As a privately funded, organization, CATA relies on your contributions to pay for Surveys, Research and Communications as well as individual services. When everyone chips in, great things can be done.

Thank you for your help.

John Reid, President & CEO
CATAAlliance jreid@cata.ca