TechNOW with J.P. Haynes, CEO, eSentire: Canada as a Cyber Security Leader: What are your thoughts?
November 14, 2014

TechNOW with J.P. Haynes, CEO, eSentire

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CATA CEO John Reid, interviews Mr. Haynes at a two-day Cyber Security forum hosted by CATA in November 2014 where more than 100 executives gathered to discuss the trends and impacts of online terrorism and what organizations are doing to address these threats both now and in the future.

The forum was a step towards developing a cyber security roadmap for Canada, including the formation of a standing council to help both private and public sector organizations keep pace with innovations and intelligence.

J. Paul Haynes is a serial entrepreneur, who started his first company when he was completing his Masters. He joined eSentire in 2010 to bring his business growth, sales and marketing expertise to the organization. Under his leadership the firm has tripled in size and now is the primary security organization for a combined $1.2 trillion in AuM in the alternate asset management space. Mr. Haynes often speaks to executives and is able to bridge complex technical issues to the enterprise security risks asset managers must mitigate. Over the past 20 years prior to eSentire, he has started, financed and successfully sold a number of enterprise software businesses in sectors including energy, government, healthcare and engineering. Mr. Haynes is a professional engineer and holds a Masters in Engineering and sits on several Boards of Directors, including the CATA National Leadership Council.

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