TechNOW with Saeed El-Darahali, Pres & CEO, Nova Scotia is a smart investment
November 13, 2014

TechNOW with Saeed El-Darahali , Pres & CEO, Nova Scotia at its...

CATA CEO, John Reid's interview with Saeed El-Darahali will explore three themes: the successes of; Nova Scotia Tech sector in perspective, including significant changes in the last 5 years; and, the biggest strength of running a business from Nova Scotia.

Saeed El-Darahali

My goal in life “I want to help others achieve their dreams.

Saeed El-Darahali has more than ten years of experience in business management, with an interest in strategic partnering, business development, corporate financing, strategic growth, operations, and sales and marketing management. He has mentored over 300 students, co-workers and entrepreneurs

Over the years, Saeed has helped companies identify alliance opportunities through industry/business research. He also mentored numerous companies, helping them translate goals into tactics. He has spearheaded IT improvements that supported growth, enhanced efficiencies, and increased customer satisfaction for a number of companies. He has experience deploying CMS, CRM, e-commerce, lead generation, and web systems. 

A serial entrepreneur, Saeed started his first business at age 14 and has since started and sold a number of other businesses. He enjoys sharing his experiences with start-up companies, offering insights into growing a business and becoming successful.

Saeed has leveraged his experience in online marketing, SEM, SEO, web development, blogging, press release strategies, multi-media, branding, and e-mail marketing to help companies achieve a strong presence on the Internet and increase year-over-year sales. 

Saeed has participated as speaker at many conferences, including NAWeb, CABI, 7th World Congress of e-Business, Enterprize Atlantic and ARCN. A part-time lecturer at Saint Mary’s University, he has taught a senior level computer information systems course, System Analysis and Design.

Also, he is - Chair Immigration & Retention Committee, oneNS Coalition, chaired by Premier Stephen McNeil.

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