Charles Duffett appointed Sr. Vice President & CIO, CATAAlliance: Appointment to Strengthen Voice for Canada’s Technology Industries
May 15, 2014

Ottawa, May 16, 2014...CATAAlliance ( announced today the appointment of Charles Duffet, one of Canada's leading ICT experts, as the Alliance's Senior Vice President & CIO.

CATA President, John Reid, noted, "Mr. Duffett, will, among other things, be working towards creating a stronger voice for the industry on CIO related issues. To help unify the industry's CIO voice, we will create an Advisory Group under Mr. Duffet direction. He will also advise and engage in adding value to existing CATA social networks, video channels and special Digital Adoption Advocacy campaigns"

Mr. Duffett builds on a considerable knowledge base, is highly respected by his peers and brings with him a network of high level relationships integral to successful advocacy. Mr. Duffet will be supported by CATA's Survey and Research Division and by the Special Advisory Group drawn from the membership.

Reid added, "Mr. Duffett's appointment as Senior VP & CIO is also indicative of the importance that the Alliance and the community place on advocacy and public policy."

Mr. Duffett's most recent position was Senior Advisor with the Federal Government dealing with modernization issues, through an interchange program. He also served head of Information Technology at Abbott Point of Care (APOC) which is a division of Abbott Laboratories. Abbott is a large, global, multinational pharmaceutical company head-quartered in Chicago.

Within Mr. Duffett's tenure at APOC, APOC was pursued by General Electric as an acquisition target. As CIO of GE Medical Point of Care Division during this activity, Mr. Duffett was responsible for business transformation and the integration of the business unit's IT systems.

Previously, Mr. Duffet rose through the ranks at Alcatel within the target population of high achievers to the level of Vice President of the xDSL business unit. The main focus of xDSL BU was viable technological evolution video delivery over IP and 3G networks. This objective was achieved.

Mr. Duffet joined Newbridge Networks as the Assistant Vice President of R&D (prior to its acquisition by Alcatel) after leaving Nortel Networks, Passport Division. At Nortel, Mr. Duffett was the Director of R&D for the Passport product group. Similar to the GE acquisition of APOC, Mr. Duffet led as the CIO Enterprise verification merge team during Nortel's acquisition of Bay Networks.

Prior to Nortel, Mr. Duffett worked for the Canadian Federal Government in Information Technology. During this phase of his career, he was recognized for his leadership at the department of Justice when he was given both the Gold Medal for Leadership in Technology and Justice departmental merit award.

In all, Mr. Duffett has spent years in various departments working IT transformation projects where he was coordinating and managing stakeholder partnerships. He works at the executive level with a focus on business transformation leadership. He also has expertise in broadband technologies, IP, and MPLS as well as IT infrastructure including: SAP, ERP, MES within industry standards. He has a successful record negotiating and then linking the IT/IM function to business strategy and transformation with multiple partners. He also has extensive international experience, having managed a business unit with remote teams in France, Belgium, and California from Canada.

Currently on the advisory board of several companies and past chair of Canadian Executive Development Series Advisory Board, Mr. Duffett enjoys working with local business, education institutions and local government offices. Recognizing his interest and expertise in business transformation at the executive level is something Mr. Duffett continues to pursue with the local community towards building good business and technology for Canada.

Reid concluded, "The role of the CIO in achieving organizational success is undeniable. Informational technology, when effectively managed, has the potential to create and deliver high value to organizations and business units. But what are the challenges that lie head? How can CIOs make progress? Who have best practice stories to tell? By adding to our leadership team and expertise, CATA will boost its capacity as a thought leader and adviser to the private and public sectors who are seeking answers to these questions."

++ Action Item: Executives interested in working with Mr. Duffett in advancing CIO issues and concerns should contact Mr. Duffet at or John Reid at Executive representatives will be invited to be part of a moderated on line Communities that CATA is setting up to facilitate information exchange, relationship building and problem resolution. Companies may also wish to engage CATA in developing specific Advocacy Campaigns.