CATA Adds to its Web 2.0 Office, Saves a Bundle with Zero Cost Conference Calling by iotum
November 12, 2008

Ottawa, November 13, 2008…Canada's largest high tech trade association, CATAAlliance, has adopted Free visual Conference Calling, powered by iotum, as part of its Web 2.0 (aka the Bedouin)  office.  

iotum’s Conference call application, know as “Calliflower”, can be accessed directly or on Facebook ; it enables users to join  a  conference call from just about anywhere-or to create their own at zero cost.

For its innovative technology, iotum has already received a highly prestigious DEMOgod Award, a CATAAlliance Innovation Award for Emerging Technology Achievement and a place in Business 2.0's Next Net 25 and the Branham 25 Emerging Companies in Canada.

John Reid, CATAAlliance President, said, ““We reached out to the iotum  team this summer for guidance and support in evaluating best-in-breed  technologies integral to our Going Bedouin or the Web 2.0 office. By collaborating with one of CATA’s members we were able to accelerate adoption of new technologies, in the key area of telephony. ”

Reid added, “We particularly like the Calliflower Web interface— it’s an easy to use,interactive dashboard that makes organizing and participating in multiparty calls simple and engaging. There is also a richer Call management feature set compared to our traditional paid service. We save thousand of dollars while adding to Web 2.0 collaboration power.”

 Calliflower Call Managment Features

·          Call archives: Handouts, agendas and links remain accessible after the call is over.
·          Invitations and reminders: Receive call invitations and reminders by email or SMS
·          Easy calendar integration: Integrates with any major calendar solution for RRSP
·          PINless connectivity: The caller’s phone number becomes the personal PIN, which seamlessly connects callers to every call from anywhere.
·          MP3 recordings: Recordings are available after the conference is over or the recording is stopped.

iotum, CEO, Alex Saunders, concluded, “For us, the CATA team is the ideal forward thinking customer, open to innovation and able to offer valuable insights and advice on how  to evolve Cauliflower’s platform and user friendly feature set. We are very pleased to see CATA embrace our solution in its new business intelligence or TeleForum offering to its members.”

 ++ Action Item:
Companies interested in being part of the Web 2.0 or Bedouin Office Technology & Solutions Showcase should contact with Technology Showcase in the Header. We will be promoting technologies and solutions to Canadian and International markets using email marketing campaigns to extensive databases, social networks and media, and other outreach resources.


 iotum, a Voice 2.0 company, sets out to reinvent business conversations and shape a world of relevant communications where devices, social networks and Web services work seamlessly together to let people communicate with whom they want, when they want and on the device they want. iotum’s business is to design and provide a simple,supportive and intuitive environment to enrich business conversations. iotum’s products and services bring greater meaning and productivity to typically stale and static multiparty communications and meet the growing teleconferencing needs of a broad range of customers across many industries. iotum’s flagship service, Calliflower, makes it easy for people to plan and participate in engaging and meaningful conference calls that bridge business and social networks, and follow up afterward.

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