An Invitation to Join CATA & Microsoft Canada to Discover How a Business Productivity Platform Helps Drive Innovation
November 10, 2011

The Power of Business Productivity, Today and Tomorrow
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Dear Community member

"A generation of new productivity platforms holds the potential to speed initial application delivery and ongoing updates. These platforms abstract away configuration chores, repetitive coding tasks, and long testing and quality assurance (QA) cycles." (Forester Research, 2011)

Please join us as our guest at an interactive virtual summit on Tuesday, November 29th, from 10:00am EST to 3:30 pm EST where you will discover how the power of a business productivity platform enables organizations to harness their people, relationships and vast knowledge base to drive innovation and manage risk.

If you are managing your company's IT strategy, are a key decision maker in Finance, Sales and Marketing, this is a unique opportunity for you and your organization to hear from subject matter experts, solution specialists and real customer examples on how the expertise of your people and the dynamics of teams, can help utilize information to drive better business outcomes and lower costs.

Participants will benefit from a number of educational sessions, including:
  • ProductivITy - Driving IT to Make Innovation Happen: Michael O'Neil, Chief Content Officer, IT in Canada network; CEO, IT Market Dynamics
  • Capturing and Managing Your Wealth of Knowledge
  • Managing Risk through Compliance
  • Managing Innovation - Getting Great Results from Great Ideas
  • Freeing up Capital and Time to Focus on Your Core Business
  • Managing External Relationships across the Value Chain
Read more about each session in detail by visiting the registration page.

Attend the sessions that are of interest to you by building your own agenda and interact with experts while retrieving relevant resources that will be available to you.

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John Reid, CEO, CATAAlliance (